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Summon Registration

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Summon Registration

Post by Admin on Mon May 07, 2012 4:30 pm

*For help in filling out this template click here.

Contract Name: (The name of your Summoning Contract)
Contract Holder’s Name: (The name of the contract holder)
Species: (Reptilian, Bird, Mammal, Fish..etc)

Summoning Type:  (Offensive, Defensive, Supplementary)
Appearance: (A picture will suffice, but for your own sake, it's best to add a clean description.)
Personality: (The Personality of your summon. IE: Clumsiness)
Origin: (Where your summon lives, or came from.)
Rank: (The level or Rank of your summon.)
Affinity: (The elemental affinity of your summons.)
Abilities: (Any unique abilities of your summon. IE: Camouflage)
Jutsu: (List of Jutsu your Summon can use.)

[b]Contract Name:[/b]
[b]Contract Holder’s Name:[/b]
[hr]Summoning Type:  
[table border="1"][tr][td]>>>>Insert Image Here<<<<[/td]


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