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Staff System

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Staff System

Post by Admin on Sun Jun 05, 2011 8:59 pm

Administration and Moderation

Administration is broken down into 5 separate groups of site management, each headed by one Admin of equal power and responsibility. Each admin may select up to 2 Moderators to work under them in their specific section of administration.


Application Maintenance headed by Kazumi

Is responsible for looking over and maintaining the applications section of the forum, insuring that everyone is approved in an appropriate and timely manner, along with fairly considering the powers of an individual's character. By considering the power of a character, it is this department's job to basically approve the powers of a character that relates to the character.

Currency Maintenance headed by ????
Is responsible for accounting the site's currency by carrying out user transactions, and setting fair prices for certain abilities and techniques.

Regulation Maintenance headed by Izanagi
Is responsible for looking over the rules, making sure no loopholes are found and exploited, and in charge of setting fair punishment for whatever offensive charges.

Balancing Maintenance headed by Kurokyōfu
Is responsible for the overall balance of power on the site, setting fair and necessary limits on abilities, and techniques to make sure the forum is on an equal playing field in terms of abilities and power. This department approves and focuses on abilities, techniques, and effects.

OOC Maintenance headed by Haou
Is responsible for the bottom section of the OOC sections, deciding OOC arguments, or fight judgements and working with the Webmaster to create new and exciting missions along with rewards, and events throughout the year.

Rules & Regulation

Checks and Balances

  1. Any Admin has the right to disapprove another Admin's approval on an Application.

  2. If a Mod from a different group disapproves of another Mod's approval, and the initial approver disagrees, any Admin may decide the outcome, but the Application Maintenance Admin may overrule it.

  3. If it so happens 2 Admins are in disagreement of an approval or a judgement, a 3rd will be brought in to decide, or the Head of OOC Maintenance or the Webmaster will decide.

  4. If 4 of 5 admins are in disagreement the 5th will decide, and if there is still disagreement the Webmaster will decide.

  5. Admins may always overrule Mods based with logical evidence.

  6. Webmaster may always overrule both Admins and Mods based with logical evidence.

  7. Admins or Mods from other groups are not obligated to do the work of another's, but may if they wish and are overruled by the groups head Admin in case of disagreement.

  8. If 2 Admins are in disagreement with a judgement / approval by a group's Head, in dealing with their own specific group, they may overrule the judgement/approval.


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