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Point/Money System

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Point/Money System Empty Point/Money System

Post by Admin on Sat May 28, 2011 10:26 pm

Point/Money System

Overview: Points will be rewarded every time you post in RP. You may also attain points from contests, and completing Missions, or competing in the Chunin and Jounin Exams. With Ryo, you will be able to purchase new jutsu slots, chakra natures, weapons, Nindo rank ups, and abilities at the Item and Jutsu Scroll Shop.

You may also gain points for kills, however you may not gain points if;

  • The Victim is a member of your own village or a friendly/allied village
  • The Kill is not approved by a staff member
  • The attack is unprovoked (Meaning killing for no reason at all. None.)
  • The Victim is a NPC
  • The Victim is killed due to a "bullshit" reason formed either OOC or that is "iffy" IC.

(Not Staff Played)

Genin: 30 Ryo
Chunin: 60 Ryo
Special Jounin: 75 Ryo
Jounin/Anbu: 90 Ryo
Kage: 120 Ryo

Missing Nin

C-Ranked: 150 Ryo
B-Ranked: 200 Ryo
A-Ranked: 250 Ryo
S-Ranked: 300 Ryo

You may also use points as a substitute for Word Requirements in certain types of Training or to reduce word requirements. In this case;

  • 1 Ryo = 10 Words

This rule cannot be used on Word Quests, Sage Mode, Cursed Seals, Jinchuriki, Summon, and Transplant training.


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Point/Money System Empty Re: Point/Money System

Post by Kurokyōfu on Fri Jul 10, 2015 12:52 pm

Updated: Conditions for kills including "Bullshit kills" being denied.

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