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Yoshrio visits his uncle.(Flashback)

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Yoshrio visits his uncle.(Flashback)

Post by Dansa D on Wed Jul 15, 2015 9:31 pm

Yoshiros mother was walking with Yoshrio. They were walking side-by-side, Yoshiro visibly taller. They had gotten through the gates with a permit flashed by his mother.

"Mum, yo. We're going to visit my uncle, so why are we going to the office of the kage here, yo?"

"Because. He is your uncle."

They continued walking, Yoshiro clearly content with the answer he was given. They were about half way through town when that conversation happened. It was not a normal one, even they knew that. They soon arrived at the gate, it was roughly... 7 A.M. when they did.

His mother talked to the guards for about 20 minutes. After 20 minutes they were let in, and he walked up with his mother to the door of the Mizukage.

His mother knocked and said, "Hanzo, it's me. Dani."

Dansa D

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Re: Yoshrio visits his uncle.(Flashback)

Post by Staff Played Character on Wed Jul 15, 2015 10:49 pm

After three minutes he door opened slowly, two fully garbed shinobi stood at the entrance and peered at the pair with little emotion in their faces. the one with the long green braid in his hair nodded softly and allowed the pair to enter the grand hall of the Mizukage's rather sizable domicile. The floors were that of marble with a large symbol on it symbolizing the Yani Clan, main branch of the Boil Release style. Everything seemed pricey and valuable from the brief glimpses of the other areas in the home to the grand staircase made entirely of pearl. Atop the staircase stood a very powerful figure, one who's death-like stare seemed to put pressure on the two shinobi who were to be guarding him and his assets. He made his way down the staircase at a moderate pace and calmly glided over to the pair, placing his hands on Yoshiro's shoulders and looking at him in the eyes cautiously.

"You've gotten taller. Have you been keeping up with your exercise?" He spoke calmly as he rose his body and moved back towards the woman whom he had known most of his life.

"So how is Sunagakure? How is...that man." He spoke directly to Dani, ignoring the boy for the moment being, he would grasp her hand lightly and cup it with his other.

"It's good to see you as well, Hanzo..." It was clear that Yoshiro's mother's voice had gotten amazingly softer now that she was in front of the Mizukage himself, a light blush on her face when he took her hand.

"Hmph, well if you're here let's get you guys a meal. It's rather early I doubt you've had breakfast." He exclaimed with little to no emotion as he smiled at Dani warmly, heading into his dining room where food was already being laid out, taking his seat and getting himself a cup of warm sake.

Sipping down the rice wine he smiled as his cheeks became quite rosy.

"Well, how do you like it in Sunagakure, Yoshiro-kun. I heard you tried out for the Chuunin exam's last year. How far did you get? Are you a Chuunin now?" The Mizukage announced as his shinobi vacated the room entirely.
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Re: Yoshrio visits his uncle.(Flashback)

Post by Dansa D on Wed Jul 15, 2015 11:13 pm

That man? Was he talking about father? That was an interesting thing to ask. He had so many questions, and noticed that his uncle moved with swiftness... and seemed awfully close to his mom, but what did he know about family? Not much.

He then moved about, going with his uncle and mother to the place where food was, and sat and heard the questions asked, and then adressed them.

"I was beat by a boy named Taika Lee, the grandson of the ninja Rock Lee, little to say, I wasn't happy, yo."

He then shook his head to answer the third question, and then took to answering the second.

"To say I got far would be wrong, but I hurt the other guy enough that he lost the next round, yo."

He made an effort to avoid the sake, and took some water instead, as he bowed and said thanks for the food, with his special Yo at the end.

He started to eat, and waited for any other questions. So many questions he was sure his uncle had. It wasn't much of a bother, though. He'd been through worse via the few friends that he had.

"Did you know I'm called the Speed Demon of Sunas genin, and almost in general, yo?"

Dansa D

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Re: Yoshrio visits his uncle.(Flashback)

Post by Sponsored content

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