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A Change to the System

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A Change to the System

Post by Kouzai on Fri Jul 10, 2015 10:06 pm

Some of you may have noticed, we are in the process of growing and expanding, and we love it. As such, systems change, and this is one of those times. We've heard concerns and decided to change things up.

What has changed?

  • Nindo Intelligence has changed.
  • Class Drawbacks have been removed
  • Genin starting Nindo have changed

What are the changes?

1. Intelligence Nindo - You need ever higher intelligence to create ever higher level jutsu ranks. So we don't have someone with Practitioner creating S rank jutsu's. (They can create them, but they won't be able to utilize them until they reach a intelligence level.)

2. We have removed class drawbacks, please update your character templates.

3. In lou of changing the drawbacks, we have also changed the starting Nindo. Now, Genin get 5 Practitioners, and 3 No Skills, to place at their own choice. Obviously, you can pick how you start out, so please update the templates.

Finally, we have something else to announce.

Genin are allowed to trade in, just once, at character creation (or updates for those who are already approved) a Practitioner slot, to upgrade something to "Expert" in exchange for a "No Skill"

Basically, if you choose. You can have 3 Practitioners, 1 Expert and 4 No Skills. Also please note, the highest a Genin can start out with, including classes is Mastery. We do not allow stacking beyond that, so taking additional "No Skills" won't allow things to go higher. It must be chosen before Class Advantages apply. (To make sure we don't have anything higher than Masters)

Everyone who is effected by this (Approved Characters) may receive a Free Lottery Spin as a small thank you for continued patience.

Nindo (Fighting Styles)
Chakra: Practitioner

  • Ninjutsu: Practitioner
  • Taijutsu: No Skill
  • Genjutsu: No Skill

Speed: Expert
Strength: Practitioner
Intelligence: Practitioner
Agility: Expert

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