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Masaaki's Kinjutsu for Future Reference

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Masaaki's Kinjutsu for Future Reference

Post by Masaaki on Thu Jul 09, 2015 9:25 pm

Name:Puppet Style: Prometheus
Rank: S
Main Type:Ninjutsu
-Sub-Type(s): Kinjutsu, Reincarnation Ninjutsu
Chakra Nature: Earth + Water
Hand Signs: Tiger - Dog - Boar - Dragon - Rat - Dog - Monkey - Tiger - Boar - Boar - Monkey - Dog - Rat
By using Earth, Water, Puppetry and Medical ninjutsu the user creates a humaniod like golem of their choosing. Then then the user is envoleped by the golem which caues the golem's form to change as soon as the user is inside of the golem. For the next 48 hours/2500 words, the user mentally combines themselves with the golem at a molecular level until the user and the golem are one and the same. After that process the user can do these things.

- Change their outward appearance at will and body structure in 2 posts(aka Shapeshifting)

- Can Heal minor wounds passively every post as long as they are on earth and major wounds in 8 posts and can regrow limbs and major organs in 15 posts. The user can actively use a B rank Jutsu amount of chakra to cut this time in half though the user can not perform jutsu while actively healing themselves

- Immortality

- Because they have decoded and coded their own dna they can do something similar to Fission and create golems like creations by using their own dna and restructure for various creations.

- Genjutsu does not work against them

- Lightning Attacks are 4 times more effective estientally making all Lightning attacks A rank and A-S rank attack do twice as much damage.

- Speed and Taijutsu are treated as No Skill

- The users weight increases by 500 pounds

- Can not be a Jinchuriki, recieve a Bjuu, have Sage Mode, use Genjutsu or have a Summon

- Can not regrow more than two limbs a thread

- Jutsu amount per thread/battle is cut in half

- If someone can control water or earth at will then they would not be able to defend themselves

- Water Jutsu is 1.5 times more effective against them

Name: Prometheus Structure: Dragon (Not a Jutsu just a form for the Jutsu above)
Rank: S
Main Type:Ninjutsu
-Sub-Type(s): Kinjutsu, Medical
Chakra Nature: Earth + Water
Hand Signs: Monkey - Rabbit - Dog - Boar - Dragon - Dragon

This jutsu requires 5 posts of setup. By taking a piece of the user's flesh the user expands their flesh by using nearby earth and water for the next 3 posts. After the 3 posts the user shapeshifts the flesh into a dragon like form of their choosing. This are the Dragons stats:

Speed: Master
Strength: Grand Master
Agility: Master
Intelligence: N/A(The user's by default)

and Gains these abilities

The abliilty for the dragon to shoot out a blast of water or earth that is consider a B rank Jutsu
and all of the abilities and weakness of the user.


Max 1 at a time

Same weaknesses as the user barring the speed and taijutsu penlties, which is depend upon the structure of the form.

Can not be more than 2000m from the user before the user can not control the structure anymore.


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Re: Masaaki's Kinjutsu for Future Reference

Post by Masaaki on Wed Jul 22, 2015 9:00 pm



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