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Capture That Animal!

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Capture That Animal!

Post by Seijuuna on Fri Jul 03, 2015 11:22 am

Name: Capture That Animal!
Rank: D-Rank
Issuer: Daimyo
Description: Your Country’s Daimyo seems to be fascinated by rare and exotic wild animals, and thus keeps a Zoo for these animals within your village. It seems that many of the Zoo Keepers cannot keep up with the animals, and some have escaped within your village.
Objectives: Capture each animal without harming it, and bring it back to the Daimyo’s Zoo.

Capture the following; 1 Lion, 1 Tiger, 1 Elephant, 1 Wild Boar, 1 Anaconda, and 1 Rhyno
At least 3 Posts
1000 Total Words Req.

Reward: 200 Ryo

Seijuuna was walking along the roads of Konohagakure. If she had not lived there, she could have probably got lost on her way to the kage's office a while ago. Catching an elephant, and a rhyno will surely be the easiest part! And of course, that was an exaggeration. Who in their right minds would do it anyways? Seijuuna knew that she was in her right mind or so she thought she was. Why was she doing this again? Oh right. For a sword that has a titanium blade. Surely, this mission will not be as bloody as B-rank mission since it's a D rank mission anyways and the kage would not surely wanted to kill her... maybe he'd like to though. Seijuuna shook her head at the thought of the kage wanting to kill her. She cannot die in this mission! She needs to be the strongest person ever! But before that... a lot of training must be held by her and also a lot of missions to be a Chuunin.

Her electric blue orbs suddenly spotted a sudden ruckus going on from... somewhere that she really didn't go at since people are making fun of her on that area. Then she heard a roar... a really loud roar. Seijuuna had immediately guessed on what was making all the ruckus and was having second thoughts whether if she should capture it right now or wait until it leaves the area. Another roar, and everyone on the area that was neither too far nor too near from Seijuuna had started run away while others are on high places. She heaved a heavy sigh and walked casually to that area as she her right hand was tucked inside the pocket of her skirt, holding on something. When she was on the place from where the lion was running... in circles. She wondered why and when it immediately saw her, it run from her and the young Genin swiftly pulled out the yarn of ball from her pocket and threw it to the lion. Lions are cats but bigger. She hoped that the trick will work or else...

Her souls were lifted high when it worked on the lion, it played on the yarn for a few moments then turned its attention towards Seijuuna again. And now... she only have one idea on her mind. Run! And so she did ran away from the lion as fast as she can. She grabbed a raw meat on a grill and was lucky enough that the chef wasn't facing her or she'll get into more trouble. Then as she was still running, she grabbed a fishing rod from a sushi place that was placed outside the sushi stand and hooked the raw meat on the fishing rod. The raven haired genin stopped in her tracks and hoped that her plan will work as she had expected the outcome will be. As the lion was already one meter from her, she jumped on its back and sets herself comfortably on the lion. But the animal was kind of out of control and ran from places to places randomly, trying to get rid off Seijuuns from its back but she wouldn't let herself fall down. She used the fishing rod and stirred the pedal so that the raw meat was on the lion's eye level.

It started to run to the meat and was attempting to take a bite on it but was actually failing. Seijuuna moved the wooden rod to the direction of the zoo until they've reached the place Seijuuna lets herself fall sideways on the ground and run away with the raw meat as the lion chased her for the meat. When she had reached its cage, she threw the raw meat, along with the fishing rod, inside the lion's cage then it was locked by some zoo keeper. "One down. Five to go." She said and was kind of disappointed that she still needed five more animals to capture.

[Word Count - 638/1,000]
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