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Retrieving the Package

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Retrieving the Package

Post by Kazumi on Wed Jul 01, 2015 3:23 pm

Kazumi appeared in the Mizukage’s office ready to secure his next mission. In fact, this new mission dealt with the incident he reported to the Mizukage last night. He would take over this mission since the enemies plot seemed to involve him, and his clan. There was no one more fit for the job, seeing as Kazumi was the smartest member of his clan. The mission would fit his specialties without a doubt. Kazumi walked up to the desk where the Mizukage sat in the center. Surrounding him were several elders and a few Jounin from the village. He already knew this mission was coming; having immediately reported the attack the night he killed that shinobi. Just as Kazumi wanted to remove any of the old sentiment of the blood mist, the Mizukage also wanted the same. It didn’t come as much of a surprise that Kazumi killed this person, as he has been involved with similar incidents and the villagers knew what made him tick.

Advancing toward the desk in several heavily calculated steps; Kazumi retrieved the scroll the Mizukage laid out for him. Without a single word spoken Kazumi removed the scroll from the desk and unraveled it since the Mizukage had closed it after writing the gist of the mission. After unraveling the scroll Kazumi took a few steps back, allowing the next shinobi in line to retrieve their own mission or missions for the day. Starting at the top of the scroll, Kazumi scanned it top to bottom with his yellow eyes;
Name: Reputation Sabotage
Rank: C-Rank
Issuer: Mizukage
Description: Someone has been out to ruin the reputation of the newly formed Kaguya clan. It has come to the attention of the Mizukage by a member of the clan itself. Find out who is responsible for this act of sabotage; as it is suspected to be members of Kirigakure’s own shinobi from the Yuzuwari Clan.
Objectives: Capture 1 piece of documentation about this incident using information from the deceased body found by Kirigakure Hunter-nin. Also track 1 member of the Yuzuwari clan(NPC).

  • Create 1 topic tracking a Yuzuwari member(NPC) for 5 posts
  • Secure 1 document detailing their plans
  • At least 2000 accumulative words

Reward: 400 Ryo

“I had a feeling something like this was coming,” he spoke quietly to himself, raveling up the scroll and placing it in the pocket of his Kirigakure flak jacket.

“So the Yuzuwari clan…eh? I have never heard of them before. It’s always some low-lives out the ruin the reputation of the Kaguya; but this will only put them to shame, and not us,” he was still talking to himself about the mission he’d just received. He honestly didn’t know what he’d be doing until he received it, but bullshit incidents like that typically cause this to occur. He turned and left the office, sighing and ready to find the bastard’s responsible for this. He was also sure to grab a list of some of the missions as well, so he wouldn't have to return any time soon.


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