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Minding Business

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Minding Business

Post by Kazumi on Mon Jun 29, 2015 6:53 pm

Kazumi with his skinny, slender ass took hold of a book from the Kirigakure library as he made his way toward the exit of said building. He opened to the first page as he continued to walk; his attention split between the book and the direction which he was walking in outside the building. He kept silent as he walked through the heavy mists; which made it almost a little impossible to see what he was reading. He slapped the book closed since he noticed he couldn’t keep reading and walking at the same time. He could let his guard down a bit since the mist village was no longer the “Blood Mist” like it had used to be. Lately Kazumi had been reading about it in the history books. He knew of the Seven Swordsmen shinobi Zabuza Momochi who was the one which killed his entire graduating class from the academy. Kazumi admired his ferocity, but despised how he was forced to kill his entire class just to graduate. He hated the barbaric past of the Mist village; as well as that of his own clan. It pissed him off to read such things, because this book he had was about the Mist villages’ bloody history.

He noticed a tall building which was ripe for the picking. He was looking for a quiet place that he could continue enjoying his book at. He then looked upwards and saw it. It was a large cylindrical building; just as all the buildings were in this part of the mist village near the Mizukage’s office. He simply walked up a foot from one of these buildings generating chakra at his feet and leaping to adhere toward the building’s outer surface. With his chakra keeping him glued to the building, he made his way up it walking slowly and concentrating as he wasn’t an expert at this technique yet, but he was really smart so he learned fast. Once he reached the top he saw a stone sitting space, which appeared as a circular sitting area. At the headrest there were plants; as the entire thing was filled with soil. He sat down and removed the book once more, slightly annoyed as a higher ranked shinobi from Kirigakure appeared using the body flicker technique, just as he was beginning to read. This agitated him slightly, as he waited to see what this person wanted. What a bitch, he thought.

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Re: Minding Business

Post by Kazumi on Mon Jun 29, 2015 9:46 pm

The shinobi that appeared before Kazumi was obviously a Chunin. He was garbed in the typical Kirigakure flak, there was nothing quite distinct about this man except his headband was worn around his right arm. His face was almost entirely covered, his hair not showing. The only thing visible on the man’s face was his eyes which were a light blue in color. “Kazumi, you’ve been summoned to the missions office,” the man blurted out in a serious voice. Kazumi closed his book back with an attitude, annoyed that this man went out of his way to bring him an optional mission. This guy was truly a faggot, and really just picking on him like a bully. “I’ll go when I’m ready. I know how missions work.”

“Who said it was an option, I’m telling you. Go do your missions!”

Kazumi slowly placed the book on the seat he was sitting, knowing that this idiot was up to no good, and trying to pick a fight with him; which seemed unavoidable considering his ignorance. His eyes were vigilant on the assailants, which was probably a straggler still thinking this was the blood mist village. Kazumi would quickly remind him that things had changed. “This isn’t the blood mist anymore,” he retorted as he watched the man’s fingers for hand signs. The man was roughly three feet ahead of him, standing on part of the circular bench. Kazumi stood to his feet ready for anything this person might try.

“Ah…I’m, I’m gonna kick your ass, you little Genin shit.”

Kazumi hesitated, he wanted to kill this person so bad, “I’m not falling for your ignorance. If you want to be hunted then go ahead and attack me. I’ll kill you where you stand.”

“Such bold words for a Genin.”

“I’ve had enough,” Kazumi replied as he formed hand seals in quick succession. He performed a single tiger seal for his first movement; continuing with the seals for his next move. He would attack this aggressor at his blind spot releasing a great spear of lightning from his mouth in a flash. The Chunin was surprised that a Genin could even perform such a technique, he reacted a hair too slow and was grazed in a terrible manner by the jutsu. Kazumi rang out, “Lightning Release: False Darkness.”

He smiled seeing the Chunin fallen to the ground as the lightning numbed his body. The beam had sliced into his flak with ease, leaving the body bleeding out on the ground. He was unable to continue talking as he looked up; Kazumi peering over the ledge of where he was sitting. He was now standing on the seat to see above the foliage. “What a dumb ass. You don’t deserve to live. You’re stuck in the past, and this is the future.”

After completing the same signs as just a moment earlier he released another beam of lightning from his mouth aimed directly at the boy’s head. What remained was a sight too gruesome to witness. He grabbed the book then quickly used the tiger seal; flickering from the scene of what happened. Maybe he would complete a mission; just to get away from the village.


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