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Post by Damnation on Mon Jun 29, 2015 3:47 pm

Bleach: Damnation
A semi alternate universe Bleach RolePlay
Bleach Damnation Rukiba11
A Semi Alternate Universe Bleach RolePlay]

Thank you for taking your time to view the Bleach: Damnation Advertisement! We at Bleach: Damnation would like to cordially invite any and all reading this advertisement to our humble home of RolePlay; anyone of any background or experience level is welcomed, of course! The more the merrier! Bleach: Damnation is a Semi-Alternate Universe Bleach RolePlay -- meaning we adhere to some core principals within Bleach Canon yet sacrifice other elements for the sake of fairness and balance -- and are looking to increase our memberbase so we can continue with good times with new friends! As with most new sites, there are plenty of positions in the game world available for the taking ranging from Captain seats, Lieutenant seats, Espada, Fraccion, Sternritter and yes, even the Royal Guard for the Soul Queen herself!

We at Bleach Damnation have the following to help guarantee fair, logical play and even something we believe sets us apart from most other RolePlays (in a very positive way!):

  • An, "Approval Bracket," System ranging from Recruit Bracket for the lowest of the lows to the Ascended Bracket for powerful characters on levels akin to Aizen, Ichigo and Juhabach (Yhwach).
  • A Stat System with three core stats (Strength, Endurance and Speed) with two sub-stats each (Physical Strength and Spiritual Strength, Durability and Stamina, Offensive Speed and Defensive Speed).
  • A Perk System for further specializing your characters; each Approval Bracket yields a specific number of Perk Points which can be spent on premade Perks, or you are welcome to create your own custom Perks!
  • A staff dedicated to doing their best (we're human, though!) to servicing you, our hopeful future members!

We at Bleach: Damnation believe in the idea of an organic, member-driven plot. Currently, with our lack of members and characters, the opportunity to create a plot for everyone to participate in has eluded us. However, this works out for our future members! Come, join us and play your part in shaping our world! Help be the valiant leader at the helm of a charge against your wicked foes! Come exact your revenge against those who have wronged you and your families! Be that person! You are the protagonist of your own story; how will you be mentioned in the Bleach: Damnation history books?


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