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Shinichi Osoihito (done)

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Shinichi Osoihito (done) Empty Shinichi Osoihito (done)

Post by V on Mon Jul 27, 2015 5:27 pm

Character Application~

General Character Info~

Name: Shinichi Osoihito
Age: 40
Gender: Male
Race: Human

Clan: None
Bloodline: None
Kekkei Genkai Element: None
Affinity: Wind
Other Elements: None

Character Database~

Rank: Genin
Village: Konohagakure
Occupation: Shinobi
Ninja Registration: 78107

Classes: Sensor, Weapon User, Summoner

Jutsu(1): Wind Release: Gale Wind Palm (C)
Jutsu(2): Wind Release: Vacuum Wave (A)
Jutsu(3): Wind Release: Great Breakthrough (C)
Jutsu(4): Manipulating Attack Blades (C)
Jutsu(5): Hiding with Camouflage Technique (A)

Weapon(1): Kunai x10
Weapon(2): Shuriken x10

Nindo (Fighting Styles)
Chakra: Practitioner

  • Ninjutsu: Practitioner (Expert w/ Summoner Class)
  • Taijutsu: No Skill
  • Genjutsu: No Skill

Speed: No Skill
Strength: No Skill (Practitioner w/ Weapon User Class)
Intelligence: Practitioner (Expert w/ Sensor Class)
Agility: Expert

Appearance Information~

Shinichi Osoihito (done) Mq_B5_G
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 130 lbs
Blood Type: O

Personality Information~

Personality Description: Shinichi is often reserved, preferring to keep a low-key appearance and tone of voice. He is grumpy towards annoying kids, and thinks that with every new generation, there is greater moral decay than the last. His beliefs are outdated as his skills are rusty, representing an old era of shinobi. However, because of his origins in an elder generation, he can be talkative when around people who are the "better" members of society. He is not afraid to confront others for what is deemed to be inappropriate behavior. He is very self-conscious about the contrast between his age/appearance and his ninja rank. He does not like it when kids make fun of his retarded progress. He often feuds with the brats who call him out for being the "Old Man Genin" or "Taboo Genin", and admires those who still hold respect for him despite his years as a Genin. He likes to read and study, and can prepare voraciously for anything, believing that the only three things he needs in life are time management, work ethic, and focus. Shinichi has complications grasping new things, but does not struggle in adapting to new situations or applying pre-learned skills. Furthermore, he knows that if he pushes himself hard enough, he can get to where he wants to be.
Likes: Bright people, his family, training, progress.
Dislikes: Name-calling, people making fun of him, the younglings
Hobby: Reading and studying, yoga
Special Skill: Studying

Shinichi was a late bloomer. He did not attend Konohagakure's Ninja Academy until he was 11 because his family was too poor and did not accumulate the money required to pay for his tuition until he was near puberty. Even then, he did not graduate until he was 15, well into his teenage years. He had a difficulty grasping the basics of Ninjutsu, and thought that it was all too complicated for him. It'd take him year to understand the mechanics of hand seals, chakra, chakra control and manipulation, and the "science" or magic of jutsu. When he did understand from all the readings, theoretical thought, and practice, it still took him months just to learn one of the basic Academy jutsu required to graduate. Some say he didn't have enough chakra until he reached a certain age and level of experience; others said that he didn't have a handle on the proper chakra control for someone of his age. At last, he was able to execute the basic Ninjutsu techniques (albeit to a rudimentary level) and become a Genin.... and stayed as such for a very long time.

Shinichi had the bad draw for most of his life. For some reason, there was always one Genin left over from every generation and it was always him. He wasn't placed in a three-man squad until he was almost 17, and that didn't even last a year as their sensei would get sick, retire, or die. He spent most of his time learning on his own private time, which aside from unlocking his Wind affinity, did him no avail. When he reached 20, he was able to go on his first Chunin Exams, although there was nobody from his generation (or later). He flunked the first examination and costed his entire team. Because of that, he was called the "Taboo Genin" and younger Genin avoided being in the same squad as him. This lasted for several years. Shinichi pushed himself to catch him to the rest of the Genin and had the support of his family behind him. He went on many missions to accumulate experience and practical skills. Eventually, he was able to go on the Chunin Exams again and he had the mental skills to pass the first exam on his own merit. However, he could not get past the second stage. Although Shinichi repeatedly went onto the Chunin Exams after that, he never could pass. There were times where he was able to get onto the third stage (semi-finals) and twice went onto the finals. But he could not become Chunin. To this date, he went onto the Chunin Exams no less than 30 times!

Shinichi pushed himself to become more powerful, keeping up with every generation of Genin as they become more skillful than the last. He learned many Wind Ninjutsu and became proficient in his use of shurikenjutsu as well as handling other basic ninja tools. As he became more adept in Ninjutsu, he specialized in barrier Ninjutsu. He found the sub-field to be useful for support, and it helped him gain acceptance from the Genin of various classes. He became very obsessed in refining his barrier erecting, and actually became very good at it. Shinichi realized as he did repeatedly that if he put enough of his heart into something, he'd succeed. He racked up a rather extensive mission record: 50 D-ranks, 20 C-rank, and even 1 B-rank. Now that he's with a new ninja team (of kids generations younger than him) Shinichi aims to this day to win the Chunin Exams.


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Shinichi Osoihito (done) Empty Re: Shinichi Osoihito (done)

Post by Kurokyōfu on Tue Jul 28, 2015 12:02 pm

Nigga that is not a 40 year old man

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Shinichi Osoihito (done) Empty Re: Shinichi Osoihito (done)

Post by V on Wed Jul 29, 2015 1:19 am

All that stress got to him, yo... The struggle was real


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Shinichi Osoihito (done) Empty Re: Shinichi Osoihito (done)

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