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Post by Tsuneo on Sun Jul 05, 2015 4:00 pm

Character Application~

General Character Info~

Name: Tsuneo Koyo
Age: 16
Gender: Male    
Race: Homosapien

Clan: --    
Kekkei Genkai Element: --
Affinity: Wind
Other Elements: Lightning

Character Database~

Rank: Genin
Village: Iwagakure
-Afflictions/Groups: Hat Appreciation Society
Occupation: Shinobi
Ninja Registration (5 Numbers): 05087

Fuuinjutsu Specialist
Legendary Lore

Jutsu(1): Temple Of Nirvana
Jutsu(2): Flying Swallow
Jutsu(3): Chidori
Jutsu(4): Five Elements Seal
Jutsu(5): Chidori Current

Weapon(1): Hunter (Chakra Knife)
Weapon(2): Wire Strings

Nindo (Fighting Styles)
Chakra: Practitioner

  • Ninjutsu: Expert
  • Taijutsu: Practitioner
  • Genjutsu: Expert

Speed: Practitioner
Strength: Practitioner
Intelligence: Expert
Agility: Practitioner

Appearance Information~
The most striking feature Tsuneo has unsurprisingly is his hair, which happens to be the same shade of green as his eyes are, though without the slight hazel coloured highlights. It falls in medium length scruffy spikes over his eyes and perks upwards to some extent at his sides, curiously it manages to hold its rough shape despite the strength of the wind that blows against it, water however has a bit more effect – though not enough to completely ruin the unkempt style; if one could even call it a style.

He often wears a black tank top underneath an army green jacket of which he constantly keeps the sleeves rolled up to his elbow, revealing the black material that lines the inside of the jacket. Around his neck are the dog tags from his childhood that he and his friends made with each other, stamped firmly with his name engraved into the metal, along with his current shinobi rank. Upon his head you will almost always see a hat, most commonly a Green Beret (with the crest replaced with his village symbol) – also a trinket from his child hood days – however, he will sometimes alternate between hats depending on a quirky feeling he gets at the start of the day, in his moderate collection the most common ones worn are; The Green Beret; Cowboy Hat; Fedora Hat; Straw Hat and the Top Hat. Tsuneo will also always never be seen without his fingerless gloves, made from leather and dyed a dark obsidian colour with a firm palm grip.

A single combat knife holster is strapped with tanned leather around his left leg, housing an expertly made close quarter combat knife – the strong compact design making them stronger than the average kunai for the purposes of knife fighting. The trousers he wears reach down to his ankles where he stuffs the ends inside his combat boots, both of which are black in colour. Across his waist is a tan belt with a large steel plate buckle which breaks the dark colours of his other clothes.

Most days he has the expression of a person who has full confidence in himself, and always keeps a slight smile tipped up on the corners of his mouth. When he becomes genuinely angry however he of course breaks this cheery demeanour – as would anyone – and the hazel like tinges on his eyes become more prominent and seem to shine brighter than their normal colour, almost changing to a solid amber colour.

The few scars he has on his body have all healed extremely well, so much so that it is incredibly hard to tell where they are even if he pointed them out. Although on both of his hands he has many tiny scars across his knuckles and fingers from when he was younger and just began practising with his knives, the scratches on his hands are also very similar which is a tell tale sign that he is ambidextrous. His jawline is strong and sharp in contrast to his nose which is smaller than most, and fits neatly on his face. In terms of his physique, he is not massively built but he is not weak either, in fact he is quite muscular but is built more for quickness and stealth.

Tsuuuuuuuuneo Flippyfull697515

Height: 5ft 11”
Weight: 62kg
Blood Type: AB

Personality Information~

Personality Description:
Tsuneo is at heart, a genuinely nice guy - despite his casual nonchalant demeanour. While not overly showy he does have complete confidence in himself and his abilities and is willing to take on almost every challenge or mission, as long as it ‘feels’ good. This trait is most likely inspired with his absurd fascination with the supernatural and the unknown, while not a spiritual man however, he does take interest in such things. As such he tends to lean on the side of believing in star signs and personality readings and the like, when they appeal to him that is. To him, there is always a possibility of something happening no matter how far gone out of reality the subject is, if there isn’t sturdy proof that it will 100% will not happen – Tsuneo will believe in the possibility. This leads to him having an incredibly open mind to the world, able to take in all kinds of information no matter how shocking and take it in his stride.

Although perhaps he is actually a few bolts off of a complete machine.

He also deeply appreciates all the small things in life which everyone simply ignores such as the soft texture of grass, the cold trickle of a rain drop, the feel of the wind engulfing him leading him to gaze for long periods of time at clouds, stars and the night sky. As such when he is by himself he tends to become very thoughtful and often meditates within such relaxation, silently listening to the pattering of the rain. However deep that may make him sound, it in no way reflects when engaged in conversation. He is very likely to make a joke or a sarcastic comment upon a situation and is not dissuaded by figures of authority from completing said comment - little to say, more than a few believe he has a death wish. Those in authority are no better than him in his point of view; everyone is equal, higher rankings only mean that the person in question is allowed to give orders. This isn’t to say he has no respect for his superiors, just simply that he treats them the same as he would anyone else.

Stubborn is another trait of his; if he becomes fixated on something he becomes very unwilling to budge on the matter. This crosses over to dangerous situations as well – even if an opponent is stronger than he is he won’t give up, because he can fully convince himself that he can win, eventually. Perhaps by bleeding all over them. Although most times it wouldn’t even come to that, since he has a ‘Live and Let Live’ policy and is vastly more willing to survive rather than die. Selfish word can be an accurate word to describe Tsuneo, although he would prefer the term aware, and has little regard for the welfare of others once his own comes into question. He simply has a ruthless stride of common sense embedded in him. As well as this he also has a ‘All in, All Out’ approach to things, prompting him to go for something with all he can muster rather than just doing things with a half assed way of thinking – unless it conflicts with his idea of self preservation; this however only happens rarely, since in reality he is more than a little lazy. Because of this he holds a deep respect for anyone else that goes all in and persists until the end.

Hats; Rock, Paper, Scissors; Knives; Cats; Playing Guitar; Acoustic Sets; Water; Women Wearing Hats; Cats Wearing Hats; Cactus/Cacti Wearing Hats; Wearing a Hat; Good Looking Hats; Being Warm; Lady Luck.

Bad Looking Hats; Being Cold; Snake Eyes (On a Dice); Work; Bad Music; Dying; Not Wearing a Hat; Walking Under Ladders; Getting a Bad Hand at Poker; Bad Luck.

Hats. Everything and anything to do with them. Tsuneo absolutely loves them and is seldom seen without one. He cannot resist collecting all kinds of hats that adhere to his tastes, his ability to memorize the details of the hats he sees is nothing short of incredible, although his collection is somewhat small, he intends to build a massive collection in the next few years. His musical talent is also very good, although his guitar skills don’t quite match up to the quality of his voice he can still play without nary an error – he loves to sing and play in pubs where he can earn a few Ryo simply doing what he loves. However it always infuriates him when the bartender only gives him non-alcoholic drinks. Future alcoholic alert. Naturally, for a lover of knives, he loves to practice his skills with his blades – this dexterity also passes onto his natural talent for drawing, which is although good was never cultivated to its full potential. Another favourite pastime of his is lying on his bed with his cat.

Special Skill:
Looking damn good in a hat. ESPECIALLY a Beret.

From ever since he was a little boy Tsuneo loved shinobi. He loved watching them perform extraordinary feats with hardly any effort at all, and the hundreds of thousands of marvellous stories and history that accompanied the shinobi and their incredible talents only fueled this wide eyed boys dreams. However even though he so desperately wanted to join the Iwagakure academy his parents never allowed it. They knew all too well the dangers of the shinobi world, having been party to far too many battles in their time as travellers, selling their wares and skills as surgeons. His parents sought to mend bodies, not harm them, and they would be damned if their son was going to add to the body count.

Yet young Tsuneo was not dissuaded and fantasized about all the battles he could join and participate in, flinging the very elements across the land and into his enemies. A harmless enough fantasy, and one many boys of his age entertained. He and his friends would often charge around the grounds pretending to be shinobi and samurai, while the real shinobi their age were all learning how to kill. This was something that Tsuneo understood uncannily well for a 6 year old, shinobi killed people very often, almost in every day work if they were high enough rank. He understood the concept of death and life very well indeed. Whilst his friends played at shinobi, he researched and trained how exactly to cut and where, and while his friends slashed at each others arms with wooden weapons, Tsuneo aimed for tendons, ligaments and throats.

One day he would put these play skills to practice. On the grounds Tsuneo and his friends tread onto private territory, where it just so happened a Genin lay in wait for trespassers, a D rank mission to prevent trespassers from entering with any force necessary. It was a small territory and the likelihood of anyone entering was little to none, but curious boys in a world of their own can explore far and wide, and no tree was too high and no fence too wide for Tsuneo’s hands. Of course the Genin had to be one of the unstable ones, being raised for battle and only for battle took a toll on his weak mind. The shinobi attacked and viciously beat Tsuneo and his friends, which only ended when Tsuneo picked up a kunai that had fallen from the Genin’s pocket and crept up behind him amidst the screaming and crying and quickly cut his throat.

The boys ran. And in a incredible turn of luck the murder was attributed to enemy shinobi or missing nin hoping to gain information. From thereon Tsuneo and his friends kept this secret to themselves, none would know. In anticipation of retaliation that would never come, Tsuneo registered himself into the Academy as soon as he was legally able, and was kicked out of his parents home. Harsh, he thought, but he understood their reasoning. He was now provided for by the village. But he never saw shinobi the same way again or himself; he felt exhilaration as he took the Genin’s life. Death could be right round the next corner and in the very palm of his hand, but then again so could Lady Luck. A woman of mystery that Tsuneo began to revere. The academy was simply a means to protect himself and others if the need arose, he knew what to do with his life then, but now, he hasn’t the foggiest clue. Civilian life was out the window, and he still loved the stories, and so - why not create his own? Time to slug on.

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Post by Kazumi on Sun Jul 05, 2015 6:22 pm


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