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Mama Go-go App Empty Mama Go-go App

Post by Go-go on Thu Jul 02, 2015 4:43 pm

Character Application~

General Character Info~

Name: Mama Go-go (Inuzuka)
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Race: She Wolf

Clan: Inuzuka
Kekkei Genkai Element:
Affinity: Water
Other Elements:

Character Database~

Rank: Genin
Village: Kiri
Occupation: Shinobi (Medical Ninja)
Ninja Registration (5 Numbers): 90210


Taijutsu Specialist
Medical Specialist

Jutsu(5): Will choose later.

Weapon(1): Free Slot
Weapon(2): Free Slot

Nindo (Fighting Styles)
Chakra: Practitioner

  • Ninjutsu: Practitioner
  • Taijutsu: Expert
  • Genjutsu: Practitioner

Speed: Practitioner
Strength: Expert
Intelligence: Expert
Agility: Practitioner

Appearance Information~


Mama Go-go App Tsuya_senju__adult_version__by_rarity_princess-d8jkf9h

Credit to the owner of the pic

Mama Go-go is a 5'8 tall woman with long white flowing hair, reaching all the way down to her calves. Go-go has a lock of hair styled to sit diagonally across her forehead, sitting between her eyebrows and just stretching pass her eyes. Go-go also has an accumulation of strands of her hair formed into a lock and tied on either side of her shoulders. Beautiful crimson eyes sits in her eye socket, emphasized even more by her bright eyelashes, making her most mesmeric. Go-go also has a pair of tribal markings on either side of her face. It would be an understatement to say she's not a beautiful woman. But she never gives into being vain, but she does take great care and pride in her appearance.

A smoldering figure of a woman, dressed in blue garments. Beneath her garments, she wears a fishnet blouse that keeps her bosom in place. One that fits to her body, showing off her curves even more. She also sports a pair of fishnet style leggings, that is a little longer compared to the garment on top. Speaking of which Go-go sports a pair of black trousers above the fishnet ones. A pair of sandals are also worn by the woman, showing off her toenails painted in blue. Moving upward Go-go also wears a blue coat that reaches down to her thighs. With this a white sash wrapped as layer above layer embraces her waistline. The white sash stops just beneath her D cup breasts.

The coat is a long sleeved one, with white fur attached to the wrist area. There is also the same kind of white fur one the collar of the blue coat. See pic above.

Mama Go-go's Ninken:
Name: Shiro

Shiro is a large white wolf, standing higher than Go-go while on all fours. The Ninken stands at 6ft high, from paws to shoulder. Shiro's size makes him most intimidating, suggesting he is a most fearsome figure, and so he is. Shiro's size allows Mama-Go-go to ride on the Ninken's back, holding onto his fur like reigns on a horse.

Mama Go-go App D6349fea7ca93f7142206b29d93ae351-d6z6wwa

Mama Go-go App Giphy

Height: 5'8
Weight: 8 stones
Blood Type: AB

Personality Information~

Personality Description:

Go-go or Mama Go-go as she is known is a feisty and witty individual in her own right. She is head strong and determined to achieve whatever goals she sets for herself. She is not above using her womanly charms to get ahead either. Go-go however knows when to hold off on such things. Never one to soil her own name, she is a lady, and not some trophy that another man can claim as his own. Go-go will at times display a gentle and emotionally sensitive side to her. But it is also reserved for those close to her. She can be quite sympathetic and empathetic all the same.

Go-go is one to take into consideration the feelings of others. And is quite careful when dealing with others. She is rather perceptive, and at times receptive depending on the situation at hand. Go-go has her delicate side to her, she is passionate about her role as a Shinobi and protecting those she holds dear to her. There are times when people do struggle to figure her out as a person. Often showing traits as having a dual personality, due to keeping her cards close to her chest so to speak. She is rather friendly, and can be seen to be popular among folk. Go-go despite all this does require time on her own.

Go-go likes a good challenge, never one to back down. She knows when to admit defeat, and is not one to go on a fool's errand. Go-go is consistent in her ideals, she knows what she wants and will always go out to get it. She shows a great deal of interest in learning and picking up new skills. A prankster at times, and while beautiful she also has tomboyish tendencies. She also takes a great deal of pride in the fact that she is of the Inuzuka clan too. Go-go seems to care a great deal for her Ninken companion Shiro. And will often enjoy the time they spend together.

Shiro Personality: Shiro the Ninken is a very serious and head strong Ninja hound. He like his companion Go-go takes great pride in themselves. He is often playful despite his ferocious tendencies. Shiro can be quite intense, possessing the ability to speak as any human can. The Ninken is also quite intelligent, and very perceptive. He is extremely loyal to Mama Go-go.


Learning new things


Stupid men
Stupid Women
Terrible tasting food.


Reading and developing new Jutsus. Also likes sleeping and spending time with friends sometimes.

Special Skill:


Go-go came into existence after the meeting and greeting and consummation of a relationship. Go-go was born to two loving parents but by the time she was four years of age. Her parents died, or better yet was killed during a mission. It is said that they died at the hands of Shinobi who could not let go of the past. It had been at least five decades since the great war ended. And yet many still held a grudge against most, which was a shame. Nevertheless Go-go would often look at it as fate that claimed the lives of her parents. And being so young when she lost them was heartbreaking and confusing. But as time passed the wounds that pained her so began to heal slowly, but never fully.

By age six, Go-go was introduced to her now companion Shiro. And it was around this time that she realized she is of the Inuzuka clan, and so began learning more about the way of the Inuzuka. The Ninken loving clan turned out to be a proud clan, albeit feral, and ferocious when it comes to battle. Go-go embraced this part of her ancestry and decided to look forward.

With this in mind Go-go dedicated her life in becoming a Shinobi. One which had both talent and skill and most of all an undying will to succeed. Go-go found herself to be an orphan at a very tender age. And her like many others in a similar position, Go-go was raised in an orphanage. She went through the academy system with no real parents to go back home to. But she understood that one should never been envious of others and what they had that she did not posses. Go-go soon found herself to be a sort of motherly figure to many of the orphans at the orphanage. And in time she became known as Mama Go-go. The beautiful Go-go took great care of those who didn't have what others had.

She began to train hard, showing great discipline meanwhile taking others under her wing. She was most definitely someone who is mindful of those around her, vowing not to be a victim. Majority of Go-go's training took place outside of the village, with her distant relatives. They taught her the essentials and basic skills of what it meant to be an Inuzuka clan member. Mama was given numerous scrolls to study and practice, always training along with her beautiful Ninken named Shiro.

Her journey continued as she went from being just a regular student. To a child of war, a soldier. Her Genin status was also partly to hide just who she actually is. Go-go is a spy and is quite the expert at it too. She is also an assassin, and will often take on missions that are more specific to women. One such mission was assassinating an important figure from another village. Her method was to put herself in a position to be perceived as a local whore of the village. And so the unsuspecting prey was lured and effectively dispatched.

Despite her side missions, Go-go also does her best to stay within the confines of being a young woman who enjoys life. And all the different fun things that came along with. But she remains very much aware of all the sadness that lurks ahead and still lingers from behind. The mission continues.

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