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Kazumi Kaguya

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Kazumi Kaguya  Empty Kazumi Kaguya

Post by Kazumi on Sun Jun 28, 2015 9:26 am

Character Application~

General Character Info~

Name: Kaguya, Kazumi
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Race: Black

Clan: Kaguya Clan
Bloodline: Shikotsumyaku
Kekkei Genkai Element: None
Affinity: Lightning Release
Other Elements: N/A

Character Database~

Rank: Genin
Village: Kirigakure
Occupation: Shinobi
Ninja Registration (5 Numbers): 75110

Fuuinjutsu Specialist

Jutsu(1): Ten-Finger Drilling Bullets [C-Rank]
Jutsu(2): Body Flicker Technique [D-Rank]
Jutsu(3): Genjutsu Kai [C-Rank]
Jutsu(4): Shadow Clone Technique [B-Rank]
Jutsu(5): Lightning Release: False Darkness [B-Rank]

Weapon(1): Free Slot
Weapon(2): Free Slot

Nindo (Fighting Styles)
Chakra: Practitioner

  • Ninjutsu: Practitioner
  • Taijutsu: Practitioner
  • Genjutsu: Practitioner

Speed: Practitioner
Strength: Practitioner
Intelligence: Mastery
Agility: Practitioner

Appearance Information~

Kazumi appears with darkly colored skin, and silver hair. He has the typical build, albeit very tall for his age. His eyes are a glaring yellow, almost like those of an owl, which gives his appearance a creepy feeling to it. His build is slender and muscular especially to be only fourteen years old. He is rather tall and bony, speaking of his Kaguya decent. He has little to no body fat, as his body is encased in slender muscle. He wouldn’t appear correct with body builder muscles. Facially, his nose is rather small in comparison toward his other features. His eyes dominate his facial appearance, being rather large and bold. His eye color also attracts more attention toward his eye sockets, the culminating result being his other facial features looking smaller.

Kazumi’s lips are slender, matching his body build, and appearing as slits. They are however well defined, which makes him an attractive kisser to females. His skin is typically a dark brown, however this can change depending on the season. He appears lighter during the fall, and winter seasons. During the summer and spring with the sun beaming on him all the time, his skin tends to darken. He has silver, almost whitish short hair that spikes toward the floor, growing over his scalp but not standing straight up.

He has long bony fingers, which are just a testimony toward how the rest of his body is built. Kazumi’s legs are the same, long and bony which allows his to run at a pretty fair pace. His long strides generally set him apart from other academy graduates in terms of his running ability, his long arms generally waving as his runs. His mid-section tends to escalate his appearance, while his legs are not far behind. His neck albeit appears average in height but still slender. The size of his limbs compliment his body his arms reaching out the roughly 70 inches in length giving him a long reach.

Height: 6 Foot
Weight: 173 lbs.
Blood Type: O+

Personality Information~

Personality Description:

Kazumi is an intellectual beast. He graduated as the smartest in the academy with his grades and his ability to perform on top of it. He typically loves to research, and has great interest in learning and discovering new information. His intellect defines his character. An avid reader of books, he typically keeps them stored in seals for whenever he is ready to gain knowledge. His books tend to be intellectual research papers and medical documents, although he has no talent for medical jutsu, he loves to learn about the human body and how it functions. Curiosity is a defining characteristic that he possesses. It makes him crave more knowledge, and when he isn’t getting his fix he becomes agitated. Kazumi would rather research intricate subjects rather than that which is clear cut and dry. He tends to steer clear of simple subjects. Wisdom is the key to life in his eyes, and he believes that learning is something everyone should try to do. His extensive knowledge base, makes him multifaceted when it comes to performing general tasks such as cooking and cleaning. Anything his does is well calculated, and strategic in nature. He loves to play anything that makes him use his brain, or think in a strategic manner. However, Kazumi also craves excitement, and believes that learning without fun is boring.

Being that he is so intelligent, Kazumi can come off as rather snobbish. He tends to rub others who are not as intelligent the wrong way with his comments, and his demeaning of them as persons. Kazumi is easily angered by those who lack sophistication. He tends to be quiet and observes his surroundings before engaging them. New people might feel like he’s stuck up, which he very much is due to his intellect. He may want to kill another person simply because they lack his level of intellect, being a savage killer, and killing without remorse. If a person is too stupid he tends to want to rid them from the world as he knows it because he feels those who don’t like to learn are not worthy to live. Kazumi is ultimately a philosopher.

Likes: Teaching, Classrooms, Academics, Science.
Dislikes: Dummies.
Hobby: Reading.
Special Skill:


Ryalga Kaguya was the second generation after the migration of the ancestor sisters and brothers of Kimimaro Kaguya. Misumi Kaguya was also a second generation after the reseating of the Kaguya clan as a faction of Kirigakure. These two were born of two separate generations throughout the remaining Kaguya bloodline, all sisters and brothers of Kimimaro Kaguya unknowingly. Misumi and Ryalga would eventually get married; the newly reformed Kaguya clan determined to keep their bloodline pure. Misumi and Ryalga would go on to form a home in the plot of land set aside for the Kaguya clan. Their house was seated within the village confines, which were surrounded by mist and in the mountains. As time progressed they eventually gave birth to a new heir of the Kaguya name, having restored the clan’s name to that of honor. His name was Kazumi Kaguya.

From birth Kazumi was nurtured in the loving arms of Misumi Kaguya whilst his father was out on missions trying to restore the Kaguya clan’s name after the disastrous history of its ancestors. Ryalga wanted his child to grow up comfortable as a shinobi of the Mist who was a part of an honorable clan. All the historical things would soon be forgotten however as restoring the Kaguya’s honor did work. The clan had left its barbaric ways in favor of a more sophisticated outlook, and at much more peace than their ancestors. Kazumi as a child had no brothers or sisters to care directly for him, and so he spend much of the time with his mother since his father was always gone. From birth to around five years of age it was just him and his mother. When his father returned he was battle hardened, and slightly militaristic. He would carry out dangerous A-Rank missions as a Jounin of the newly formed Kirigakure.

Ryalga had only heard rumors of the Fourth Great Shinobi War, and he could not fathom what had taken place then. He always felt it weird how the peace they fought so hard to protect had been demolished in the past 50 years following the war. The world was again full of turmoil and chaos requiring the services of shinobi skilled in shadowy arts. Luckily his exploits and the exploits of his ancestors paved the way for restoring the clan’s name by the time Kazumi was of academy age.

Kazumi entered the academy as the tallest in height of his graduating class. He towered above the other students, and quickly became an enthusiastic student. During this period Kazumi would demand extra study materials to take home with him. He would read books which were not even assigned, and could be found most times after school at the library reading. Kazumi wasn’t like the other kids in the academy, and tended to be an introvert going off on his own and constantly reading. Rather than playing outside with the other students he stayed to himself and the library became like a second home to him. However he did practice his shinobi skills, however he did so alone as to make sure he passed all of his classes because education became his main priority. Misumi worried that her son would never be socially apt, but he quickly showed her different once he graduated from the academy and became a Genin of Kirigakure.

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Kazumi Kaguya  Empty Re: Kazumi Kaguya

Post by Go-go on Mon Jun 29, 2015 6:04 pm


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