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Kage/Village Rules

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Kage/Village Rules Empty Kage/Village Rules

Post by Admin on Sat May 28, 2011 10:23 pm

Kage & Village Rules


  • Kages are appointed by an OOC: village vote, which will take place after enough Genin have registered in each village, and for the time being, Kages will be staff played NPCs.

  • Appointed Kages must be active and post at least 10 Missions Per Week.

  • Kages will receive 200 Ryo every active week.

  • Kages may appoint one apprentice which will take their place in their absence.


  • Villages will gain 1000 Ryo every week, from which the money for missions will come.

  • Villages will gain 100 extra Ryo for every mission completed in that one week.


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