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Organization Rules

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Organization Rules Empty Organization Rules

Post by Admin on Tue May 08, 2012 6:23 pm


1. There are TWO classes of Organizations. MAJOR and MINOR class.

    * Major Class: These Organizations are typically large. They may consist of 4 to 9 individuals who were at least Special Jounin Rank. There are two types of groups that fall under this class, S-Rank Criminals and Vigilante Groups. S-Rank Criminals are just that criminals who have committed serious crimes to warrant bounty on their heads. Vigilantes are not really accepted by villages due to their own code of ethics, however these are not criminals but the opposite. Vigilantes are usually left alone since the tend to do good things in their own way, however when a Vigilante group crosses the lines of certain villages that is when members may notice bounties on their heads.

    * Minor Class: These groups are typically small. They may consist of 3 to 6 individuals who are at least Chunin Rank. These groups and members are in good standings with their villages. They do not tend to have any big goals or plans. They are more so social clubs or crews made up of ninja of the same/allied villages. These groups are more so a just for fun thing so members can be known to be a part of something.

2. In order to register a Major or Minor organization, you must have already found the minimum amount of members IC of the minimum rank.

3. Major organizations are REQUIRED to have goal(s) which they must both maintain and abide to as set by their leader.

4. When starting a S-Class organization, all members must already be classified as missing-nin by their villages prior to registration. The initial members also must have criminal history together in at least 2 villages to establish their name as well.

5. When starting a Vigilante organization, all members must have renounced loyalty from their villages without criminal history prior to registration.(Simply leaving the village without return) The initial members also must prove to at least 2 villages that they are not of a criminal nature by assisting them with a high rank mission(A-S) but also show that they do not intend to be bound by any villages law as well.

6. The leader of Major Organizations is the one that updates the groups goal(s) in the registry as well as the member list. Staff will not be responsible other than approving the establishment of the group and official leader changes.

7. Major groups that show no progress toward goals will be disbanded and their registry's locked away.

8. Only a leader may request the disbanding of a group after having done so IC. And as such IC, members may find ways to overrule the leader and prevent such from happening and possibly FORCE a change of leadership to ensure the survival of their group. Regardless, no change is set in stone without updating the group registry and having it approved by staff.


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