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The Great Cataclysm

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The Great Cataclysm

Post by Admin on Mon May 07, 2012 5:45 pm

   [kat-uh-kliz-uhm] Show IPA
any violent upheaval, especially one of a social or political nature.
Physical Geography . a sudden and violent physical action producing changes in the earth's surface.

Be Prepared for the Great Cataclysm

            It’s been 50 years since the Fourth Great Shinobi World War, a time span in which peace has reigned supreme. The Allied Shinobi Forces have long since been disbanded, and each Great Nation has severed its ties to one another. You could call it a form of regression, as things seem to be deteriorating rapidly, even after the battle for the Shinobi World was won. Some remnants of the past exist, however docile and weak. Self-interest has yet again sparked, and threatens to plunge the Ninja World once again into a War for peace. Invisible to the necked eye, forces of special interest groups have now infiltrated two of the five Great Hidden Villages, and threaten to ruin the peace fought for by our ancestors. Ignorance is bliss, and thus from the outside it would seem as though everything is still peaceful. These special interest groups have other malevolent plans, which will soon be revealed in due time as they take this blissful ignorance as an opportunity to gain power, and rise beyond the powers of their Nations.

             Naturally, the greatest power that exists in the Ninja World is that of the Bijuu. All nine of these chakra beasts have long sense been sealed away, each to their own individual sealing scroll. These scrolls have been lost, and are scattered about the Shinobi World in places they are not likely to be found. Whether as a source of a deterrent, or for use as a military weapon, these beasts are in fact dangerous, and could be the push in power these special interest groups need to fulfill their goals. Those seeking World Domination are always considerably ambitions, and will generally stop at nothing to complete it. Complacency will only get you killed, or trampled over. A great Cataclysm is upon us, and you all better be ready when it does.

The Five Kage are in a tense situation, the World is changing before their eyes. Rumors are surfacing that two among the five are being controlled by unknown forces, completely unaware of their controllers. Villages are taking toward a more defensive stance, none taking chances with allying with others for fear of information leaks. Some of them increasing their military might for the fear of the unknown. The Daimyō are always cautions, and paranoid, and continue to try to strengthen their Countries might for fear of this unknown. The unknown, unknowns are the most dangerous. However the known, knowns are those which could potentially save the Shinobi World from this Cataclysm. Those known, knowns being the FACT, that those running the scenes, behind the scenes are two of five Shinobi Organizations within the Five Great Hidden Villages.

  • The Konoha Police Force

  • The Kinkaku Force of Kumo

  • The Puppet Brigade of Suna

  • The Blast Corps of Iwa

  • The Seven Swordsmen of the Mist


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