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Canon/Custom Clan Rules

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Canon/Custom Clan Rules

Post by Admin on Sat May 28, 2011 9:19 pm

Canon/Custom Clan Rules

Overview: To begin you may register Canon clan's that have not already been registered by another member, and have not already been specified by staff. For example, the Uchiha clan has already been created for the reason that the Sharingan has to be monitored exponentially. Once you register a Canon clan, be sure to post here once it is approved by the appropriate staff to let us know which clans have already been created.

Advanced Chakra Natures: If an advanced nature already belongs to a Canon clan, only certain variations may be created at staff's discretion. No exact copies of advanced elements will be allowed.

Hiden: This is rather obvious but no Hiden may be copied for a custom clan. All Canon clans retain their Hiden abilities.

No Clan: If you decide not to join an existing clan you gain 1 additional class and chakra nature to start.

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