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Late Night Reading/Training (Ashitaka Training)

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Late Night Reading/Training (Ashitaka Training)

Post by Ashitaka on Wed Jul 29, 2015 2:30 pm

The dim candle light from Ashitaka’s window cut the darkness that blanketed the run down street. Ashitaka huddled over three books that covered most of his makeshift desk. From his academy years Ashitaka had developed a habit of research Jutsu late into the night.  Practicing genjutsu was a difficult task to accomplish solo as training often requires another person’s nervous system to practice on. However, Ashitaka had developed a strange method for circumnavigating the problem; when training Ashitaka casts genjutsu on himself.  He was taken by the simplistic beauty of the jutsu he was currently reading about in Genjutsu Discipline: A Guide for Academy Instructors on Ethical Discipline Techniques.  The Genjutsu Binding jutsu was simply a way to paralyze your opponent, or an academy student. Ashitaka read through the details behind the technique:

Hand Signs: Snake (This is common for most D-Rank Genjutsu)
Preparation: While looking at your opponent/student create the snake hand sign. Focus your chakra on limiting the targets’ nerve flow in the motor cortex of the brain.

Ashitaka got up from his chair to practice the technique. Being the first time he used the technique, Ashitaka felt it was best if he built up his chakra before making the snake hand sign. He turned facing the mud wall in his studio apartment. “Genjutsu Binding”……He wasn’t paralyzed. Ashitaka walked back to his desk to see if he had missed something in the book. While trying to read the book he realized what genjutsu he had cast. His could no longer voluntarily move his eyes in there sockets. Ashitaka quickly cast his Genjutsu Kai and his eye movement returned. Thinking about it, Ashitaka hypothesized that because all of his genjutsu focus of disrupting the sight of his target he inadvertently must have targeted the neurons that controlled eye movement. He went back to stand in front of the mud wall, this time paying particular attention to make sure the really focus on the areas of the brain that would paralyze his entire body. Again he built chakra and made the appropriate sign and this time…it worked!!! He quickly broke the genjutsu so he could properly express his satisfaction with a calm fist pump. Ashitaka practiced the technique several more times, until his chakra reserves were depleted, and subsequently collapsed onto his bed. Being exhausted, he quickly fell asleep, and dreamed of all the conflict his new technique could prevent.
Words: 400
Genjutsu Binding (Trained)


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