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East End Robber

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East End Robber

Post by Ashitaka on Fri Jul 24, 2015 10:43 pm

Name: Catch That Thief
Rank: D-Rank
Issuer: Store Owner in Your Village
Description: Earlier today, a thief decided to rob a local store in your village, and has long since left the scene of the crime, but hasn’t gotten far.
Objectives: Track the thief(NPC) and capture them without killing them, and bring them to your Village’s prison facility.
1 Topic in your village
1 Defeat and Capture the Robber(NPC)
500 accumulative Words
Reward: 370 Ryo

Again, Ashitaka was enjoying the pleasure of listening to the hollow clicking of his shoes on the stone streets of Iwagakure. His nostrils filled with the scents of the east end of the capital city. The east end of Iwagakure is filled with many of the best restaurants and small food carts in Iwagakure. Is that barbeque that I smell?!?!?! His cool and calm composure was broken by the sweet smell of charcoal and smoked meats. However, his poise was quickly recovered when he came upon the broken door of Beyond Acupuncture.

Even without the damage the shop would not have been what was commonly considered a nice shop in the east end. Its window framings were tired and their state of decay was only matched by the decay of the stone roof shackles. This is one of the Tsuchikage’s favorite shops??? Ashitaka tentatively stepped inside not expecting what the owner of this establishment would look like. Picking up the scraps of a broken glass jar was the young shop owner who's name was on Ashitaka's mission scroll, Han.

Without missing a beat Han spoke “Finally, they send a shinobi to help me with catch the culprit who robbed my shop. I managed to get a glimpse of the robbers face and it was that bastard Hiroshi, one of my competitors.”

Ashitaka was surprised that a shinobi was recruited to pursue a robber whose identity was already known. “Han, why didn’t you go over and confront him already????” He must be deathly afraid of confrontation.

Han was taken a bit back “Well, weren’t you told….Hiroshi is armed with a Kunai and has some combat medical ninjustu training, I couldn’t possibly subdue him”

Ashitaka wasn’t thrilled that he would have to subdue a robber with some basic ninjustu training. This would not be the simple tag and bag that Ashitaka thought it would be. However, Ashitaka did have a plan for capturing the robber….however he had yet to figure out how he would get him to the Iwagakure prison. If only I wasn’t so weak…..wait a minute this Han guy looks like he can lift a bit.

“Hey Han, if I captured and knocked out Hiroshi do you think you could help me carry him to the prison.”

“Sure I guess….. He is a fat man but I guess we could take him in the wagon I have around back.”

“Great!!! Well let’s go then”

The two of them briskly walked to Hiroshi’s shop and home. Talking along the way about medicinal ninjutsu and how the Tsuchikage was as a loyal customer.  Upon entering the darkened shop several kunai flung out from the dark at the two men.
Ashitaka quickly made several hand signs to defend from the attack. *Tiger → Hare → Boar → Dog*”Earth Release: Earth-Style Wall” A large wall of stone quickly rose from the stone floor of the building and deflected the kunai.

Ashitaka moved to right of the stone wall looking for this Hiroshi character while preparing his chakra for his next technique. When Ashitaka’s eyes set there gaze on a fat greasy man holding a kunai in his right hand, Ashitaka slammed his hands on the ground “Earth Release Barrier: Earth Prison Dome of Magnificent Nothingness”. An Earthen dome raged through the shop sealing the robber inside. Ashitaka then walked up to the dome and began draining chakra from the trapped Hiroshi. When the flow of chakra began to dwindle, Ashitaka released the jutsu. Using his earth spear, Ashitaka broke open the dome to reveal the unconscious Hiroshi. Ashitaka and Han worked together to load the unconscious robber into Han’s wagon and wheeled him to the city prison. After admitting Hiroshi, Han thanked Ashitaka for his help in apprehending the robber, and eliminating one of his rival businesses Laughing . They parted ways and Ashitaka walked home…Tomorrow morning I will collect my pay and maybe take a mission that takes less chakra, I used a lot today.
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