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Taking Out the Trash

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Taking Out the Trash

Post by Dreadfore on Thu Jul 23, 2015 8:28 pm

Name:Gang Troubles
Issuer: Various Merchants
Description:A few young men from within the village have started trying to extort various local busnesses, though it's without much success, because of the shinobi presence, the merchants are still mildly-annoyed by their existence...
Objectives: Roughly 3-4 E-ranked combatants.
Requirements:Beat up 3-4 Ruffians, at least 500 words
Reward: 300

Kirigakure had many different districts. There were administrative areas controlled by large businesses. There were residential areas. There were areas controlled by large clans and wealthy land owners who took their investment in this supernatural military very seriously. Then, there was the shopping district.

You could find anything in the shopping district. Various sushi stands littered the area. What did you expect, barbaqued ribs? Fishing runs the economy in this country. They export fish abd people come to the Land of Water just to try rare delicacies. The sex trade also brought in economic stability. Whether it was a gentleman's club, a whore house or a trafficking ring, you could find them all with relative ease. Of course, these kinds of organizations had ways of filtering out unwanted customers. Shinobi tools sold well in most shinobi countries and particularly well in shinobi villages. Price gouging was simply outrageous. Masato frequented the area whenever he could, but in all honesty this was the reason that his collection of kunai and shuriken was so important to him. That was part of the reason why he was on this mission. It looked like he had already spotted his targets.

Scum like this made him sick. Those who can't support their own village are trash. Those who actively oppose their own village are worse than trash. When he had heard of the disturbance, he assumed it was a couple of street punk orphans. These guys were older than him. How disgraceful! Didn't they have any common sense?

He had caught them trying to harass the butcher. They seemed genuinely shocked when their attempts at coercion only yielded a knife swung through the air. What did they expect? The people of Kirigakure were not pushovers. The same could be said about the entire country. That was what made the Land of Water incredible even in moments of turmoil. Even people like this, for all of their wrong doing, had the will of water.


Masato was actually surprised by the authority in his own voice.

"What do you want, kid?" Initially, they did not appear to show any animosity towards him.

"I'm here to remove you from this area."

It was at that moment that the atmosphere of the scene changed.

"You and what army?"

Masato's only response was a come hither movement of the hand followed by the weaving of three hand signs. Like mooks in a wuxia film, they all eventually came at our hero one at a time. They weren't shinobi. If they were, they might not have fallen for such a rudimentary genjutsu. They hadn't even noticed that Masato had moved from where he was standing. As long as he disarmed them before they reached the illusionary version of himself left behind, they never would. It was his own improvement over the clone technique. Each one of them was disarmed in the same way. Lightning release techniques worked wonders for pacifying your enemies. In no time at all, they all lay on the ground and Masato disabled his jutsu to conserve chakra. The first one to show even a bit of remaining fighting spirit was kicked in the jaw immediately. They seemed to get the message. Once the regained control of their muscles, they turned tail and ran. Well, they hobbled away to be accurate. It was more of a strategic retreat than anything else. This was not over not by a long shot. That's what it meant to have a will of water.


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