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Enma's Jutsu

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Enma's Jutsu

Post by Enma on Wed Jul 22, 2015 4:41 pm

Name: Gentle Thunder Fist
Rank: C
Main Type: Taijutsu
-Sub-Type(s): -
Chakra Nature: Raiton
Hand Signs: -
Description: Enma's own personal version of the 'Gentle Fist'. Whereas he has the complete ability to strike normally with the intent upon utilizing the Gentle Fist's ability, Enma has the created ability to infuse the normal amount of chakra one would place into a strike from the 'Gentle Fist' with the Raiton Chakra nature. Thus adding another level of damage. Areas he strikes are not only cut off from chakra flow, but if he chooses to infuse the strike with Raiton Chakra- he could paralyze the muscle group associated with the area he strikes for a short amount of time. Raiton Chakra also allows him to obtain the same affect from 2 meters away from his target, thus giving him deviously affective range, though it is still considered close.
Drawbacks/Weaknesses: This is exclusively close-ranged, and cannot go past the parameters noted. Infusing the Gentle Fist style's strikes with elemental chakra requires intense focus, and thus the user may not be paying complete attention to their surroundings as much as they could be. This close-quarters focus makes it easily exploitable to experienced fighters. Every strike with Raiton energy becomes taxing overall. Which means Enma will be required to be scarce with this ability unless he wishes to tire quickly.


Name: Gentle Blade
Rank: C
Main Type: Kenjutsu
-Sub-Type(s): -
Chakra Nature: -
Hand Signs: -
Description: The extremely odd and unheard of combination between the Gentle Fist style and modern Kenjutsu techniques. This requires a blade that is forged to be susceptible to Chakra being flowed through it, to effectively receive a similar outcome as a "Chakra Scalpel". The user focuses the easily controllable pathways in their body to flow forward into the blade, making it a 'portion of them' for a fraction of a second. What this does, is not only allows the user to transition Kenjutsu seamlessly into the Gentle Fist style, but gives the user extended range and deadliness with a blade. Even if it is by a measly few inches. The blade is coated in this Chakra, allowing it to not only do superficial damage with the blade, but internal damage with the extend portion. Enma can also focus on releasing his Gentle Thunder Fist's ability through this, giving the strikes more properties and even going as far as to give the blades enhanced cutting power when the Raiton chakra is flowed through.
Drawbacks/Weaknesses: It is still focused solely upon Close-quarters combat. Supplying Raiton Chakra through the blades is twice as costly as per the 'Gentle Thunder Fist's focus. This is a portion in a tree of combat styles, in which the user would have to have the 'Gentle Fist' and 'Gentle Thunder Fist' styles approved and readied on their character. Upkeep is very difficult for the blade, and only happens in miniscule bursts.


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Re: Enma's Jutsu

Post by Go-go on Sun Jul 26, 2015 4:40 am

Up the rank of both to B please.


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