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Bold Moves [Event]

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Bold Moves [Event]

Post by Staff Played Character on Tue Jul 21, 2015 6:19 pm


A woman bearing a clan symbol on the breast part of her attire, the clan symbol of the Fukago, known for their ability of altering how chakra works in others, stood imposingly in the distance for anyone who was far away to see should they approach her training grounds. The village of Yugakure had seemingly spent a great amount of money renovating key areas of their village to accommodate this festival orchestrated by the illustrious and kind-hearted Kage. With the tapping of her fingers signifying her lack of patience she seemed to have her features fill in the close that people got towards the event itself.

Standing near a massive pit was the Proctor Shishicho, arms folded underneath her sizable breast as an icy gaze looked at the crowd of 150 genin who had come to participate in this event, there were six pits in all and teams were being divided to hop into the different pits, each one closed off from one another entirely. In the larger of the pits she had decided that she would send the majority of the students who had not yet been considered as impressive by the Kage during the initial phase of the mission, and she sent a numerous amount of students down there, though there was no exact number known to anyone who had yet to get in the pit itself.

As you, the PC, approach the Jounin she directs you into the large pit to stand on platform which is [Direct top of the map] to the north. She directs any and all PC's willing to join the event to this very platform and then proceeds to explain the rules of the competition to those who are standing high above the water which is releasing enough heat that anyone standing on the platforms would be sweating badly. It is clearly seen that some of the ninja on the other platforms are wearing Yugakure Headbands. When everyone found themselves in position she would raise her hand and announce down towards the water itself.

"Pay attention to your starting platform, whichever team gets the boulder to their platform and keeps it there for a total of two minutes will win the competition. If the boulder falls into the water, everyone will be disqualified. Essentially you must work together as teams, opponents, and then an even larger team. You do not want the boulder to fall in because you are all on a team to prevent that, however you want it on your platform so you will try and prevent that from others. You will begin at my order."

Map Code
*If the Boulder falls into the water, everyone loses.*
White: These are the basic platforms that each team will be standing on. Each team will have to be careful with their footing of course. Each platform themselves are a total of ten by ten meters on their surface despite being three stories erected into the air.
Blue: This is the boiling water that surrounded the arena. Essentially if you fall in it, you're going to wish you died. Not just because the heated water is enough to burn flesh and melt bone, but just in case you think you can just land on it, there are water based summons of A-rank who swarm...because giant piranhas
Red Star: These are platforms that will sink into the water every three posts opposed to every 3 turns. They will sink deep into the water and then come right out of the water on the fifth post.
Black Line: These are the two meter wide by twenty meter long bridges that connect the center platform to the minor platforms.
Red Line: Walls of Fire that are 3 stories in the air covering the walkways.
Green Line: Strong jungle like vines that connect certain platforms, they are a meter wide and fifteen meters long.
Yellow Line: The yellow line is actually something that acts as a generator. If that bridge is destroyed under any circumstance then things get worse. This is the only path with no obstacles.
Orange: This is the center platform, which is actually a slanted slop that is thirty meters wide from one side to the other that leans at a forty degree angle. The boulder is in the middle of the platform itself. Because it is at an angle, one must be careful with the boulder itself as it could roll off into the hot water.


*You can not return the boulder to your platform the same turn you interact with it. The boulder is light enough to be carried by anyone with Practitioner in Strength, however if you're holding the boulder you can't use jutsu. Using jutsu on the boulder works, but you can't hit it with enough force to get it on your platform.*

*Once you post here, you're stuck here.*

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Re: Bold Moves [Event]

Post by Ashitaka on Mon Jul 27, 2015 2:39 pm

All that was going through Ashitaka's mind was the now infamous words of the Yugakage "How simple this competition is....". After hearing the directions for the ninjutsu competition, it in fact was not very simple at all. What is simple about a three story wall of fire! Moreover having to compete against other team further complicates this event. Regardless competing the ninjutsu competition was essential for this festival. Before jumping into his designated pit Ashitaka made a point to fully understand the layout of the arena. *Jumps into pit*

BIG MISTAKE!! Ashitaka's chill vibes were quickly brought to a boil by the scorching heat from below. Growing up in a swamp Ashitaka was prepared for this level of humidity but not the heat; the wall of fire ahead of him didn't help either. On top of that Ashitaka looked around to see that he was the first genin in his group to arrive. I guess that I will have to wait in this sauna for my teammates to arrive. To deal with the heat, Ashitaka decided to meditate in order to properly develop a strategy for the competition and take his mind off of the heat. ...But how can I develop a strategy without knowing the abilities of my teammates...Wait a minute the generator bridge! Ashitaka's meditation was broken by the thought of this mysterious bridge that if broken "Things get worse". His mind quickly went through the possibilities. Would all the platform's fall? Would the flames get worse? What about the high ranking summons below, could they possibly come into the equation? Or perhaps the Proctor's had been full of it all along and breaking the bridge will be the key to making this competition as simple as the Yugakage said; only time will tell. And so Ashitaka's mind continued to hypothesize as to the nature of this generator as he waited for his teammates to arrive.......


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