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This isn't a Dog Show.

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This isn't a Dog Show.

Post by Inuzuka Josei on Sun Jul 19, 2015 4:24 pm

It was a nice, warm day at one of the Kiri training grounds, as Josei and her animal companion Fauntra were out training. Now, unlike a lot of other Inuzuka who practice training with their Ninken companion in combinations, and timing, Josei and Fauntra practice slightly differently.

The pair ran at each other, Fauntra jumping up while Josei stood on her hind legs to catch her. She grinned, and said "Nice try! But you gotta try harder!" and threw her away. The the average civilian, it would look like animal abuse, and the dog was attacking in defense. To anyone who knew the inuzuka clan though, they would see some odd training, though it worked for Josei and her dog.

The pair were about to rush again, but then Josei stopped, and stood up straight. Fauntra paused as well, as Chakra rushed to Josei's nose, and she sniffed. It was the familiar smell of the Inuzuka Compound. While she didn't recognize who it was, it was clear that it was an Inuzuka, or someone who had been to the compound recently.

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