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It takes a thief

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It takes a thief

Post by Kouzai on Fri Jul 17, 2015 12:11 pm

Sunagakure had a charm all its own. It really wasn’t as horrific as everyone said, sure things did get dusty and sand got everywhere. The village had its own charm, it wasn’t rigid as Iwagakure, which it’s towering well, towers, and it’s almost aggressive stance towards foreigners. This was a village built as a trading commodity, one which centered on trade and exchange of goods. Kouzai was headed for the central office, he wanted a permit to set up shop as a blacksmith, he knew also that he was looking for a spot to set up, someplace quiet, he was more of a night person than anything, and didn’t want to have issues keeping people up at night. He made his way down some winding ally’s; it was easy to get lost in this city. In fact, he was already getting lost in the crowd. He side-stepped down a small path to get some breathing room, with all the dust people kicked up, it was hard to see. Walking a little bit, he overheard some yelling, ”Stop, I said stop thief” . Kouzai turned just in time to see a figure wrapped in a cloak crash right into him, knocking him and the figure over. He took a bit of a wallop to the head, as he felt some pressure on his chest, as he opened his eyes, a figure swirling in front of him. Scrambling, the figure kicked him in the chest and got up in a dead run. Kouzai rolled over, his sides hurt, but he got to his knees, and then finally stood. Breathing heavy, he yelled as well. “Oi, you punk, knock that off” a little more labor in his breath. He took off running, another thief, this world was horrible. He started to make his way after them. He wasn’t any faster than the punk kid who bowled him over, but the kid had a head start, and was moving through the city like a dream. Kouzai was knocking into people, yelling for them to get out of the way. Kouzai caught a glimpse of the thief, carrying something a bit large and heavy, slowing them down just enough he figured. He really put on the speed now, doing his best to catch up, he tried to grab the cloak a few times, but was jostled out of the way. Finally he yanked hard; perhaps much harder than he anticipated, as the cloak flew back into his face, the thief did not come along for the ride. Tossing the cloak aside, Kouzai caught the sneak ducking down an ally. Kouzai went after, hitting that same ally, snug between two buildings, older, sandstone, well worn, this must be the old part of town. Hearing the footsteps, he gave chase, rounding the corner to see, well to see something that surprised him. It was a young woman, in fact the same woman from Iwagaukre, the thief who stole from his shop. She had hit a dead end, perhaps she didn’t know these streets as well as she lead on. He was dumbfounded, just standing there, between her and the wall. She was holding a large wrapped item bundled in cloth. [color=green] “You again, what are you following me? Come to get revenge for me taking your pathetic tools” [/color ] she chided him. Following her, he didn’t even know she was here, why was she here, she was supposed to be in jail. “Who told you I was here, I busted my ass helping them, and you end up following me, perv” She said, again Kouzai had no clue what was going on. But he heard more and more footsteps behind him, coming up on the ally. “Good work, this thief has been causing trouble all over the city” the guards came, moving towards her, she gave up. She gave him the dirtiest look Kouzai had ever seen. The guards arresting her, taking her hopefully to jail this time for sure. Man, Sunagakure is a crazy place, the world is insane. The ninja world worked so differently than Samurai, Kouzai was beginning to think perhaps non-involvement was the best solution.

{Mission Finished, 699 Words}

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