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Liberating Shakōjō Village [B-Rank Mission]

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Liberating Shakōjō Village [B-Rank Mission]

Post by Staff Played Character on Thu Jul 16, 2015 11:35 pm

Mission Information:
Name: Liberating Shakōjō Village
Rank: B-Rank
Issuer: Shakōjō Village Elder
Description: Shakōjō Village has sent a letter to the kage requesting aid against a group of outlaws from the disgraced Susu Clan [Soot Clan]. Their leader, a man by the name of Bozu, has held the village hostage and cut communication off with the neighboring village for his own ambitions. Apparently the clan is not hold up in the village itself but have a base of operations nearby, your job is to investigate the town and learn as much as you can about the Susu Clan before tracking them down and stopping their evil efforts.
Objectives: Defeat the Outlaw Leader who has taken over the village of Shakōjō [Watering Hole] and his troupe of followers.

  • Stop the Outlaws from harassing the town for good.
  • At least 10 Posts Each
  • 3500 Total Words Req.

Reward: 600 Ryo
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Re: Liberating Shakōjō Village [B-Rank Mission]

Post by Staff Played Character on Fri Jul 17, 2015 12:39 am

With his impressive physical manliness exposed, being cloaked only slightly by the large overcoat that draped itself upon his shoulders going down his back and wrapping around his chest, the leader of team Kaito made his way through the blistering sunlight at a pace befitting that of a pimp with extra swagger. He had accepted the mission requiring a full team of genin with only one of his genin. He felt as though Yoshiro, who he had not really gotten close to over the amount of time that the young man had been under his charge, was needing to prove that he was more than just a fast silly kid who didn't really have any ambitions or goals in his life. Kaito didn't think negatively of his student, he was more handsome than a lot of the males in the village, but his...eagerness. That "hyper" nature of his did make him quite a pain to deal with at times. It didn't matter on this mission though, all they needed to do was ask a few questions and then beat the fuck out of those causing problems.

"So, Yoshiro-kun, are you ready for this? I know this is a bit out of your element, or at least what I have seen of you so far. Whatever the case, be on guard. I don't know if this is a trap or not. I am always cautious of any mission I undergo, you might want to learn that." He told his student boldly while he fast approached the entrance to the sizable village.

It didn't seem like anything was different and in fact he couldn't see anyone sporting a clan symbol as he passed through the entrance of the village itself. Looking around with his eyes of unbridled fury, he turned hard on the right and walked into a general store of sizable size-ness. He looked at a man who was masked wearing all tan who exited the building almost as immediately as Kaito entered. Grunting a bit the violent man turned to face the shop owner and placed both his hands on the counter. Leaning forward and tilting his head to the side he spoke to the shop owner in a commanding and powerful voice, being such an arrogant man he did expect an answer to his question no matter what his demeanor was.

"Hello, I am Kaito Kaido, now tell me where the fuck the Susu Clan members are hiding out." He wasn't subtle, easy-going, delicate, or anything of the sort.

Whenever Kaito was out on a mission he was bold and straight to the point. All the time, no matter what happened. He didn't like beating around the bush. He was known as the Beast Beneath the Sands for many reasons, and his ability to be intimidating was one of them. Not because he was a scary individual, but because he was more than willing to get information out of people in the fastest possible method possible. He wasn't fit to be a Sensei at all, but his strength and since of honor made up for his brashness.

"Si..sir.. what are you talking about??" The shop keeper was obviously caught off guard by the accusation, unsure of how he was meant to react to the statements made towards him.

"Tsk, c'mon. Don't a fucking bastard. Do I look like i'm stupid? Are you trying to piss me offf?" He asked the shop keep as a jingle could be heard at the door, the same masked man from before placing his arm on the left shoulder of the hostile jounin.

"Hey bastard, didn't you see the sign? We don't take kindly to outsiders coming into our village, especially those outsider's who are snoo-." Before the sentence could come to a conclusion Kaito had turned on his hill and committed to an full powered round-house kick, knocking the man who grabbed his shoulder right through the wall of the building and tumbling outside in front of a group of ten of these men dressed exactly in the manner of the now...crippled...shinobi.

Exiting the store slowly and tucking his hands into the pockets of his tight ass non-combat warranted ninja pants. He liked looking good, and enjoyed that his body was shown off in excellent matter by his apparel, even if it wasn't actually clothing that was combat-ready. He moved his hips and stood in his commanding pose while looking at those who came before him. Raising his eyebrow and piercing the soul of the man he had incapacitated, as if ready to berate the masked shinobi.

"The fuck is wrong with you, this coat costs 16,000 Ryo you bastard. Tck, Yoshiro. Get your ass out here and show these amateurs what happens when you impede an investigation." He ordered as a glint of rage showed brilliantly in his eyes, his right index finger picking his ear.

Susu Clan Members:
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Re: Liberating Shakōjō Village [B-Rank Mission]

Post by Dansa D on Fri Jul 17, 2015 12:53 am

He nodded to his sensei, the ever-manly and rather attractive Kaito. He had heard the man was named the Beast Beneath the Sands. It became clear after listening to the amount of care he took in the words he said, and then the entire lack of care he took in the roundhouse kick to the man.

He saw the 10 people pop up and was told to deal with them.

"Will do, Kaito-kun, yo~" He ran forward and nailed the closest one with a punch to the face, and then a knee to the chest. After those two moves, he grabbed the man forcefully and threw him into another.

He then moved, with his fastest speed, and hit the next one up six feet, and then kicked the man down. He started to punch those left, going as fast as he could.

After about two minutes of punching, the last one standing caught his fist. The man was caught to a long leg to the outside of the elbow, breaking the arm in the middle, before getting a foot to the back of the knee.


He wound up his leg and hit the final ninja hard enough in the head that the large man fell unconscious, like the rest of the men before. 

"Kaito-kun, they were no challenge, yo!" He said this as sweetly as someone his size and skill and nick-names could, which was rather sweet. His eyes moved up and down his sensei, sizing him up for the god-knows how many times. Could this man be as strong as Gai? Clearly not!

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Re: Liberating Shakōjō Village [B-Rank Mission]

Post by Sponsored content

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