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Iburi, Kemuri [W.I.P.]

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Iburi, Kemuri [W.I.P.] Empty Iburi, Kemuri [W.I.P.]

Post by Kemuri on Thu Jul 16, 2015 11:58 am

Character Application~

General Character Info~

Name: Iburi, Kemuri
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Race: Human

Clan: Iburi
Bloodline: Iburi
Kekkei Genkai Element: Smoke
Affinity: Katon
Other Elements: None

Character Database~

Rank: Genin
Village: Kumogakure no Sato
-Afflictions/Groups: None
Occupation: Shinobi
Ninja Registration (5 Numbers): 4-9915

Kenjutsu Specialist
Weapon User

Jutsu(1): Body Flicker
Jutsu(2): Free Slot
Jutsu(3): Free Slot
Jutsu(4): Free Slot
Jutsu(5): Free Slot

Weapon(1):  The Lotus (Katana)
Weapon(2): Smoke bombs x10

Nindo (Fighting Styles)
Chakra: No Skill

  • Ninjutsu: Practioner
  • Taijutsu: Practioner
  • Genjutsu: No Skill

Speed: Practioner
Strength: Expert(+1 Class Bonus)
Intelligence: No Skill
Agility: Expert(+1 Class Bonus)

Appearance Information~


Iburi, Kemuri [W.I.P.] A6345101-07aa-411f-ac46-4a8ff31ad996_zpsiyuqdcjs

Height: 6'
Weight: 154 lbs
Blood Type: AB-

Personality Information~

Personality Description:

Positive Traits | “I’m the man.”

  • Disciplined | “Many get the sense that I am not very disciplined, because of some of my uglier…..Traits. Habits. Whatevers. Or however they deform my character. The thing is, I know when to fall in line and know how to show respect. I do have a will after all, which allows me to make choices. I am no stranger to closely regulating my actions, dickheads!”

  • Doesn’t dwell on negative | “Shit happens, it’s best not to cry about it or dwell on it too long. Then life will pass you by. Opportunities missed. Hell even worse, you’ll fall into some pitiful cycle of self-pity that takes away from the value of living a purposeful life. Don’t limit your company with misery, life’s hard enough. I’m just sayin ya know?”

  • Focused | “I am a man with commitments not bullshit goals. Goals are for fleshbags who change their minds. I pay particular attention to what has to be done, meaning I get results. However I don’t suffer from tunnel vision and I never let others become too much of an obstacle in my path, and at times realize they can be sources of help. I proudly accomplish my objectives and maintain a healthy sight on the big picture.”

  • Pride in doing a good job | “When I do my job or do what I am supposed to do, I get a sense of satisfaction. I never am the type to want to half-ass a task or whatever it may be. I wouldn’t want someone to half-ass orders given from me, so why do it in return ya know. If you’re not proud of your work then you very well could be in the wrong line of business buddy.”

  • Productive | “I’m not lazy and I tend to be quite the active soul. So if I’m not on a adventure, then I’m training, if I’m not training then I’m finding something to do around an island for extra Beli. If I’m not doing something around the island for extra Beli then I might be finding lawlessness trouble . If I’m not causing trouble, then I’m doing something important…..maybe. “

  • Live-for-today | “I can’t know what’s going to happen in the future, neither can I do anything about the past, even if it is a minute ago. The only variable that I can influence, and the only variable that I can do something about is every present second that I currently live in. It builds too much damn anxiety worrying about the future and the past. As the saying goes…Carpe diem.”

  • Cultured | “You’ll be fuckin surprised by how many people think I lack proper manners or sophistication. Am I incapable of reading? No, I read very well and I wasn’t educated by beasts. Do I look like Tarzan? Do I look like a savage native? Am I wearing a loincloth? Man I like fine art, and beautiful sculptures. An uncultured person lacks depth perception into a person’s personality if you ask me.”

  • Ambitious | “I don’t sit on my ass or wish I was taking naps. I am proud to be a go getter that gets after it. Success doesn’t magically falls in ones lap, nor does it grow on trees that you can pluck like fruit, well if it does then it’s some terrible fruit. Good fruit takes hard labor. I don’t want to be like my peers, I want to be better. It’s the reason why I strive to be the best through a strong desire and determination.”

  • Passionate | “When I have a strong belief in something, it is just that. It’s simple, and you better believe my passion is worn on my sleeve like a knight’s coat of arms. So that means I take being a pirate very serious, that means my hobbies and likes, I take very serious. My fondness and my enthusiasm are real and I am not afraid of living with this level of excitement for certain things.”

  • Reliable | “I am a man of my word. Being a man of my word makes me just that, a man. I feel any person is supposed to be reliable, but for a male it should be especially true as sexist as how you want to perceive the idea. Tell me what good are unreliable people, let alone an unreliable man. Who would want to start a family with a guy like that ya know? I pride myself on my reliability I live with and I hate falling short of my standards as a man and as a person.”

  • Strength | “This is the backbone of who I am. I worship the idea of strength and the symbol it provides for me. It makes me bold both mentally and physically, especially in a physical aspect. I feel so strong about strength that I feel it is my passion and that it is my religion. Strength is the very reason why we get strong and it is the very trait that we all sentient beings share. People can change strengths forms but no matter how much you change it. Strength will always be measured in the level of its might. ”

  • Man-of-action | “What is a man of action? A person, an individual who doesn’t idly sit by while terrible shit goes down or while injustice spreads like a damn disease. A man of action confronts arrancar who dare step in the realm of the Seireitie. A man of action is a man who knows in certain situations that you must act first and ask the questions later.”

  • Assertive | “There are the those that can become too passive which leads to a sort of lashing out at the world when your anger comes to the surface. This person then is passive aggressive, but an individual in control of that emotion that is self-assured and confident minus the aggression imbues the quality of being assertive. It was a skill that I learned and wasn’t born with, that’s for damn sure.”

Negative Traits | “Muhfukaz never loved us…”

  • Callous | “Life’s a bitch, and life is hard and unforgiving, but it made me who I am today. Maintaining an emotional hardiness has helped me sustain my strength of mind, that I don’t give a damn if others are offended by. I suffer, you suffer, and we all suffer so get over it. If you wish to be babied or nurtured go see your momma, but don’t expect much from me.”

  • Disorganized | “Normally I can’t find any of my shit. Most of the time I can’t find my weapons anywhere. I constantly miss cut-off dates, but usually it is never my fault. I thought I had a calendar? And man, I always miss my appointments, but again that usually is never my fault(but it is). The last time I tried to keep personal records for my own knowledge, I ended up losing them. Such a fucking waste of time.  Whatever….I get the feeling that others may think I’m disorganized!?”

  • Intimidator | “I will break you, not your bones, but your will. I make those around me feel fear through covert abuse and I am not ashamed of it. Breaking people psychologically is sometimes better than breaking their skeleton. I make the rules, I will humiliate you, and I will verbally attack when I see fit. Am I a bully? Or something much worse? I dunno and I don’t give a fuck.”

  • Overly-sensitive | “Sometimes I get the sense I feel more deeply than others and in most cases I am emotionally reactive when I am not supposed to be, but hell I can’t help it. I can’t stand criticism at times, especially when it is in no way constructive. I hate, absolutely hate making bad or wrong decision and majority of the time it is hard for me to make decisions for that very reason.”

  • Power-hungry | “I am a tyrant. Not because I am weak, or was bullied as a kid, but because I choose to want it all. I say I am accomplished orientated, but all people do is argue with the fact that I can’t part ways with whatever is that I am doing. Maybe they are right, but I have become quite successful and I don’t plan on stopping.”

  • The Vengeful | “Sometimes I seek vengeance for petty reasons and don’t worry you won’t hurt too bad, but then in a more grandiose manner you will definitely feel the pain. Sometimes you no longer can look to justice to solve your problems or any laws or courts. I solve my personal problems and I admit, at times I look for ways to hurt people around me, which makes me vindictive I guess. Well maybe you should just stay the hell away from me if you don’t like it because you’re a punk, or can’t take what you dish out.”

  • Self-serving | ”Are you truly concerned about my interest and concerns? While people say they are, I could care less ya know, it’s more or less a front to get what they want out of me. I am going to make sure Kemuri is top priority. My commitments that I am committed to will be fulfilled before I am concerned with anything else around me. If you have interests then be interested in them, but I don’t expect much of you to show the same enthusiasm in mine, ultimately because they are mine and not yours. So like I tell the other bastards, stick to your own lane and I’ll stick to mine. Life’s simpler that way.”

  • Proud | “You think I am easily humiliated? You think I easily accept failure? I have too much self-worth to be lost in those concepts. I am determined, and take great pleasure in my accomplishments not yours, but it’s not like I care anyway. But you know….I do have this habit of making a bad situation worse. It’s cool though, for the reasons mentioned above I can handle it most of the time.”

  • Critical | “I am very critical of myself and even those around me.  I am even critical of orders that are given to me and my superiors. Yes, I am critical to a fault. So? Somebody has to be or I will be like the rest of the shinobi’s and just be some mindless sheep. In my defense, it makes me necessary and adds value whether it is realized or not and that’s my final judgment.”

  • Harsh | “I admit I am harsh in the way I conduct myself. I set strict and severe ideals toward others……Look though, I’m sayin in my defense I expect others to be just as harsh, and if not then I’ll make up for their lack of backbone. I’m not this strong mentally and physically because I was treated nice my entire life. Harsh paths make for stronger individuals I think.”

  • Destructive | “I cause harm. I cause damage, it is what I do. I try to keep this solely in a physical manner, but I do and can cause mental injury. What else more can I say? I feel one of my core purposes is to produce damage, whether it maybe good or bad. Some say I sound crazy, but in my world I am sane.”

  • Guarded | “I have a hard time opening up myself up to people. Why? What is associated with being open? Being vulnerable, and what is being vulnerable associated with? Being weak. I hate feeling weak more than death itself. When you die you may feel momentary pain, but nothing compares to the lifelong emotional scars and pain one can go through when your human bonds are crushed by various shit. So I tend to keep those I deal with at arm’s length, so I don’t get hurt. Sounds weak or unmanly, but I see nothin unmanly about this shit.”


Kemuri is a surprisingly intelligent being to most, and many somehow downplay his intelligence due to his lack of open display of it. He is not the type to overanalyze or out think himself, finding that keeping decisions, ideas, and plans as simple as possible is a much more effective way to go about life. He finds that many people with high intelligence swing it around recklessly like a broad sword, he believes in swinging it efficiently like a seasoned samurai. He holds a expansive knowledge of most general things and has a what he thinks to believe a good grasp of the world and how it works. Yet they are always surprises and the Iburi recognizes improvising as a useful tool rather than a way of life. Remember if you view Kemuri as a cold blooded mindless killer, you could be right. If you view him as a merciless individual, you could be right again. However respect and acknowledge that this does not measure intelligence or the use of it, because doing so might cause in underestimating your downfall.


Kemuri is not heartless or uncaring. He cares for things and for people, being a shinobi just requires you to shed most emotional output to a minimum. He finds life hard and challenging,  but with a open arms he embraces his difficulties. He believes hardships strengthen your might of mind as well as going through twisted emotional contortions. He hates however hypocrisy like shinobi’s with good moral codes or shinobi’s with no moral codes at all, shinobi is a path where everyone gets their hands dirty, but is not bound to a murderous nature. Aa they say there is honor among thieves or so some say. He himself has a creed, but finds being adaptable necessary for survival, because in the end survival is what life is about and so is the legacy or infamy you leave behind.

Likes: Himself, purpose, people watching, robust mammory glands, manga, unique weapons, himself, training, confident individuals, his clan, Kumogakure, just casually hanging out with interesting people, and himself.
Dislikes: Traitors, wasabi, forks scraping plates, pranks on him, mint chocolate chip ice cream, losing, being coerced into something, genjutsu, whoever chooses to oppose Kumogakure, and dishonor.
Hobby: Origami, kenjutsu, fishing, manga, and falconry.
Special Skill:


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