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Musuko, Raeburn

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Musuko, Raeburn Empty Musuko, Raeburn

Post by Raeburn Musuko on Wed Jul 15, 2015 11:49 am

Character Application~

General Character Info~

Name: Musuko, Raeburn

Kekkei Genkai Element:
Other Elements:
3k ryo got.

Character Database~

Rank: Genin
Village: Kumogakure
-Afflictions/Groups: The god of thundah.
Occupation: Shinobi firefighter
Ninja Registration (5 Numbers): 66666

Classes: Fuinjutsu Specialist, Puppet User, and Summoner.

Jutsu(1): String Light Formation (A-rank)
Jutsu(2): Time-Release Technique (A-rank)
Jutsu(3): Five Elements Seal (A-rank)
Jutsu(4): Fission Technique (A-rank)
Jutsu(5): Five Elements Unseal (A-rank)

Weapon(1): Kunai grenade
Weapon(2): Kunai grenade
Weapon(3): Get back in the kitchen.
Weapon(4): Get back in the kitchen.
Weapon(5): Get back in the kitchen.

Nindo (Fighting Styles)
Chakra: Expert

  • Ninjutsu: Expert
  • Taijutsu: No skill
  • Genjutsu: No skill

Speed: No skill
Strength: No skill
Intelligence: Expert
Agility: Expert

Appearance Information~

Musuko, Raeburn Oda.Nobunaga.%28Drifters%29.600.1706669
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 170 lbs
Blood Type: O

Personality Information~

Personality Description: Raeburn comes from a long line of ninja who haven't gone rogue and he's one of the most patriotic men you'll find in Kumogakure. The genin doesn't care about other villages and has never even thought about leaving his own for nefarious purposes. Except, his own experiences and upbringing probably has nothing to do with him being so patriotic. Instead, Raeburn mainly just cares about LIGHTNING. Lightning is the old man's love and his life. Nothing can overcome Raeburn's love for lightning, and he really only cares about Kumogakure because it has sexy clouds. Therefore, Raeburn has attempted to emulate the psychological mannerisms of worshiping a cloud, and the symbolisms that come with doing so. When encountering fellow villagers, the genin couldn't care much about rank structure or his duties, and might just stay at his current rank from pure laziness. Floating freely like a cloud, Raeburn lets the insults of others pass through him as he shocks any individual he comes across. The only opportunity for ranking up that might come to the old man is his own desire to squash any rogue ninja that dare spit on the beautiful clouds around him.

Although, Raeburn does care about his fellow villagers in his own way. At some point in his life, the man who is clearly caring of his villagers and not protective of his trauma, decided he hated the concept of fire. Even though Raeburn likes lightning, he loathes fire that comes with it and he loves putting out fires in the village. Some people in the village think highly of Raeburn because he consistently helps save people from fires with summons and puppetry, but the genin really just wants people out of buildings so Water Release can be quickly used on them. Sometimes, Raeburn also likes to help put out fires before they occur, by killing people who have explosion tags. Despite that, Raeburn himself loves explosions almost as much as he loves lightning, and he'll kill people with explosions frequently on some secondary erotic lust that can't touch his holy worshiped lightning.

Besides his fascination with lightning, Raeburn is a philosopher and intellectual in his own right. For example, he takes a wonderful position of him being the only confirmed existence in the world, and thus the old man considers himself a solipsist. Importantly, Raeburn does believe that lightning is something that exists outside his own mind, but he doesn't believe anything else does. Everywhere he goes, the genin will look for ways where people can be enlightened to their lack of existence, as Raeburn can always confirm something that the false singularities lack knowledge of. Thus, if a person lacks knowledge in something, there's no way they should have a reason to exist. Personally, Raeburn doesn't believe in other minds existing, as people would be needing to have understanding of others to at least be able to understand the wonderful simplicities of lightning. Although Raeburn can tolerate others, he doesn't want to be considered friends with anybody that can't love lightning, and he will actively confirm other's stance towards such.

  • Firefighters
  • Lightning
  • Himself


  • Police
  • Fire
  • Men

Hobby: Firefighting
Special Skill: Thinking he's the coolest firefighter.

History: One day, there was an insane crying baby in Konohagakure and the thingy's name was Raeburn. The day was magnificent and would be the don of a new age, but Mr. Musuko wasn't the baby born today. Instead, some stupid papa named Raeburn Uzumaki was born and he would traumatize Musuko for the rest of his life, despite Musuko having a nice childhood. Papa Uzumaki was a fine shinobi by all means, but he one day decided to lit many miles of forestry on fire. Thus, from that day on, villagers hated the family of Mr. Uzumaki. People made fun of both of the Raeburns and would harass them daily. Eventually, people started burning parts of the son's body and he would have to beat them up to make himself look like an even worse human being. Over time, Raeburn Uzumaki decided he would have some heroic and lawful good death that would spur his son on to burn his corpse in hatred. There was no meaning to Musuko's existence in the Land of Fire, and he would christen himself by burning some more wide fields of plantlife along with himself. From that day on, the young man decided to move to beautiful Kumogakure to begin his shinobi life.

Once in Kumogakure, Raeburn began a life of solitude that depended on helping others from fires to fill his cup of joy. For the most part, Raeburn took an awful long while to graduate from an academy for ninja arts, as he just wanted to kill fires so much. Every day, Raeburn would stare into the PITS OF HELL, as he wanted to help so much. Helping himself made him feel good, as he destroyed the disgusting fires that clouded the beautiful skies of Kumogakure. For the most part, Raeburn never had any intentions to help himself grow in power, as the ninja world was relatively peaceful. Even his move to Kumogakure and delving into lightning voodoo obsessions was accepted by others, as there was no dangers in the world. Eventually, the world started accepting reality again, or maybe Raeburn's mind just decided to play with everybody and have people start killing each other again. Noticing the abrupt change in the world's peace, Musuko decided to train his ninja skills further while being cheered on by his friends made of lightning, located deep in the mountains. After a while in mountains, the Kumogakure ninja whom had long graduated had decided to come down to interact with normal people his mind made up. Wholeheartedly, the old man would believe he had eaten lightning in his training and had become one with all of Kumogakure.

Musuko, Raeburn TLcqZUK
R.I.P Papa Raeburn
Raeburn Musuko
Raeburn Musuko

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