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Vandalism in the West end of Iwagakure

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Vandalism in the West end of Iwagakure

Post by Ashitaka on Tue Jul 14, 2015 8:32 pm

Name: Farmer Raid
Rank: D-Rank
Issuer: Village Kage
Description: Lately an epidemic of Farmers in every Country have become hostile towards your Hidden Village. They are running around the Village vandalizing produce stores, and village monuments. These Farmers are but regular people however, and need to be treated carefully.
Objectives: Capture the Farmers(NPC), and bring them to the Kage’s Office for your Kage to deal with, unharmed.
Capture at least 10 Farmers
• 500 Total Words Req.

Reward: 300 Ryo      
Ashitaka was walking towards the west end of Iwagakure to investigate a monument recently defaced by a farmer raid. The streets were bustling with energy; shoppers were going about their morning errands  while salesman advertised their overpriced wares. “Cherries 10 Ryo per pound” Highway robbery, but hey if the people in this part of town can afford it power to you cherry man. Ashitaka continued down the street, his shoes making a deep clunking sound that Ashitaka associated with quality masonry. I wonder if there is a justu that makes a road of this quality. Forbidden technique: Road of the Master Stone Mason. I wonder what applications it would have in battle. Ashitaka’s deep thought on the matter was quickly broken when he came upon a defaced monument that was in need of some major earth release work. Made of black onyx  in the shape of the symbol of Iwagakure but with added cracks and paint marks, the structure lacked the luster required to honor the work of the second Tsuchikage. Suddenly Ashitaka’s attention was diverted by movement in his peripheral vision. A young kid with golden hair was playing ninjas in front of a nearby home. What kind of kid feels comfortable playing next to a piece of vandalism???? Ashitaka walked over to the kid.

“Hey little shinobi how you doing???”

The kid turned with a smile, “I’m fine, just working on getting ready for my academy entrance exams”

“Hey by any chance did you happen to see who damaged this monument???”

The kid got reserved and grumbled “No”

Sensing something was off, Ashitaka crouched down to the kids level and pointed to his Iwagakure headband. “It’s ok kid you can you can tell me, I’m here to protect you and your family”

The kid spoke hesitantly “Well I did see Kazu and his friends with some paint earlier....”

“Ok, thank you for telling the truth and don’t worry I won’t hurt Kazu or his friends. Where are they now???”

The kid speaking now with more confidence in Ashitaka, “They hang out at the noodle bar down the street there”

Ashitaka took off in a sprint knowing all too well (Mastery Intelligence) that the vandals would not stay long at the noodle bar. Consequently Ashitaka got to the noodle shop right as a large group of men were walking out.

“Kazu!!!!” The largest member of the group turned his head.

“What do you want???”

“ I’m sorry for whatever misfortune you have experienced but you and your friends have broken the social contract by vandalizing the village that swore to protect you. I will accompany you and your friends to the village precinct for processing”  

“Hahahahaha, a little genin like you is going to take all 11 of us men by yourself!!!!”

lying ”Actually, I am a high ranking jounin that has been tasked with your arrest, I was told that if you resisted I was to punish you!!“

Ashitaka made the tiger seal with his hands “Forbidden technique: curse of the blind!!!!! (actually casting Genjustu: Bringer of Darkness Technique)

The group of men broke out into a panic at their new found blindness, “please we will go with you to the prison, just give us our eyesight back!!!”

Ashitaka grinned and released the genjustu.

The walk back to the Kage's prison was long and awkward what with the eleven men thinking that Ashitaka was a jounin who enjoyed robbing men of their eyesight. The tension between these men and Ashitaka was only heightened when the prison guard commented on how a genin could bring in so many men without a fight.

“Sorry guys, I gotta run!!!”

Ashitaka took off smiling towards the Tsuchikage’s before the farmers had the chance to confront him. Sometimes deception is the best way to keep peace in the shinobi world. (#NSA)

[End] 639? words


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