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Creating Some Missions

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Creating Some Missions

Post by Kouzai on Sun Jul 12, 2015 7:31 pm

[u][i]Issuer: [/i][/u][size=11][/size]
[i][u]Reward: [/u][/i]

Name:Gang Troubles
Issuer: Various Merchants
Description:A few young men from within the village have started trying to extort various local busnesses, though it's without much success, because of the shinobi presence, the merchants are still mildly-annoyed by their existence... 
Objectives: Roughly 3-4 E-ranked combatants. 
Requirements:Beat up 3-4 Ruffians, at least 500 words
Reward: 300

Issuer: Kazekage Office
Description: A gypsy of sorts has come into the town and has been pretending to predict peoples fortunes while in all actuality she is just scamming them, enough villagers have complained that this gypsy should be found and arrested or thrown out of the village. Finding her may prove to be difficult as she likes and knows all the nooks and crannies of the village to hide in it has also been said that there has been a man with him who looks very strong but this has yet to be confirmed as a missing nin, you've been recruited by the local hub in this small town(not village) 
Objectives:Capture the Gypsy and throw her out. Watch out for her large bodyguard son
Requirements:Stop the evil gypsy, and her hoodlum son. At least 500 words
Reward: 400

Issuer: Kazekage
Description:Lately, merchants from your village have had their shops set on fire and causing all of this trouble to the local economy. Be advised: the arson must stop. 
Objectives:Stop the Arson
Requirements:Capture the responsible (parties) for the arson, 700 Words
Reward: 500 Ryu

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