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Spiraling Towers

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Spiraling Towers

Post by Kouzai on Sat Jul 11, 2015 3:47 pm

The forest of Sunagakure was something to behold. Words did not do it justice, especially after the enormity of the desert. The shade was are in-between what one would expect, in fact one wouldn't even consider it a proper forest until they realize how spare Sunagakure really was. Kouzai walked through the forest, his foot-steps growing quieter, the sand has shifted to a rocky consistency, the ground was more hardened rock than anything else. Removing his face mask, he wondered just what this place was like a few hundred years ago. He had learned recently that the land was much older than he through. People said Sunagakure used to have a very large inland sea, but one day it all be disappeared.

He wondered, at bit out-loud to himself, just how it disappears. "This blighted land, cursed by the gods surely" He said, still a bit in awe of the entire thing. He wondered how his home-land was doing, it was becoming a distance memory. The harsh training, the rigorous attitudes, nothing seemed to change there. In fact, Kouzai couldn't remember the last time anything new was allowed beyond those iron mountains.

He watched more and more as the forest gave way to a rustic sort of view, small shrubs, a small dried up creek bed, and a few gorges almost cut into the face of the earth. He saw it in the distance, the almost pristine village of Sunagakure, it looked a bit worn down from the majesty of Iwagakure, but it still was a sight to behold. The light at the supposed end of the tunnel.

Kouzai began moving more and more towards Sungakure, he would start again here, hopefully make something for himself. The walls of Sunagakure loomed ever closer, perhaps this new land would be more accepting.


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