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Sōrāgan - Dojutsu

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Sōrāgan - Dojutsu

Post by Kurokyōfu on Sat Jul 11, 2015 12:29 pm

Clan Name: Ochinagi
Ability Name: Sōrāgan
Natures: Solar Release
Ability Description: The Sōrāgan allows the user to have two crucially distinct abilities, functioning in the same manner as a power outlet it allows the user to draw in solar rays through the eye which cause the user to absorb the raw chakra of the sun slowly over time, replenishing one jutsu use per three turns that the dojutsu is active. It is one of the few dojutsu that doesn't cost chakra to be active, making it incredibly rare. The second minor ability is the fact that the user is able to release energy that they are able to forcibly absorb into their body in both offensive and defensive manners. Every jutsu in this bloodline is Solar by nature, and therefore has the weakness of Earth Jutsu.
Derived Jutsu:
 - Solar Release: Solar Radiation [S-Rank]
 - Solar Release: Nova Fissure [S-Rank]
 - Solar Release: Battery Emission [A-Rank]
 - Solar Release: Photon Frenzy [A-Rank]
 - Solar Release: Light-bulb Tactics [B-Rank]
 - Solar Release: Sunshine Harness [B-Rank]
 - Solar Release: Warm Palm [C-Rank]
 - Solar Release: Sunny Slicer [C-Rank]

-Yoshi Ochinagi  [NPC]
-Zenbu Ochinagi [NPC]
-Kotari Ochinagi [NPC]
-Kurokyōfu Ochinagi

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Re: Sōrāgan - Dojutsu

Post by Kazumi on Sat Jul 11, 2015 1:37 pm


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