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The Hot Gale

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The Hot Gale

Post by Kouzai on Sat Jul 11, 2015 11:18 am

Kouzai realized, that what everyone said was correct, it wasn't the heat, in fact it was hardly the heart. The forge fires were much stronger than this, and he didn't notice it as much. It was the wind, the gosh blasted wind. It snuck sand into every crevasse, the goggles didn't help, the cloth over his face didn't help. He would be tasting sand for weeks, and somehow it had snaked its way down his back, to rest in his own crevasse, and it was chafing him something fierce. Nothing prouder than a Samurai who was scratching his rear. This desert was brutal, and he was so glad he brought the extra water. Nothing could have prepared him for this.

He wanted to see something, but there was nothing, rolling hills of sand, rolling hills over there, and over hear. His trek down from the mountains was something difficult, the path's were not as well kept as they were on the Iwagakure side. Perhaps because Iwagakure were one of the greatest masters of earth release. He had seen it demonstrated a few times. Sunagakure, at least some of the people he met were very very greedy. Everything was a bargain, it was like they wouldn't pay more than the metal, forgoing craftsmanship and everything, even made by a master. He'd seen Sunagakure ninja attempt too bargain the price of gold down, gold man.

He had heard that the desert opened up into a sort of forest. He was hoping to make it there before nightfall. He slowly saw in the distance, something, the forest of Sunagakure. He made a bee line towards it. He would of course make sure he knew the way back, Sunagakure sounded like a heck of a depressing land.


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