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The cloistered pass

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The cloistered pass

Post by Kouzai on Fri Jul 10, 2015 10:12 am

Kouzai’s path was a little wondrous, as he approached the mountains. The swamp just in one valley, there was roughly 7 more before he made it to the pass that led him to Sunagakure. He loved this part of the country, high peaks, capped with snow, valley’s, some deep and dangerous, stone bridges that connected almost the entire way. Just huge slabs of rock jutting out, one from one side, one from the other, connecting in the middle. Study and also no side rails, it would be easy to fall off if the winds were stronger. He had heard of the gar, the rock rain that hailed down upon parts of Sunagakure, but lucky for him, he wasn’t traveling in that part today. He learned that a group of ruffians had caused trouble there some years back, but most of Iwagakure had been quiet, especially under the iron fist of the Tsuchikage.

Kouzai would stop at the supply/small little village carved into the face of the mountain before heading to Sunagakure. He would load up on water, a small cloak and goggles to get the sand out of his eyes. He hoped that nothing would get tarnished or sand blasted, his tools would be more difficult to fix if they got sand blasted. The mountains were something to behold, and he only passed a handful of people on his way up, not many people came this way anymore. Sunagakure and Iwagakure weren’t always on the friendliest of terms, perhaps that’s why they sent him here. He had heard it was raining higher up, but should stop by the time he got to the pass.

His journey was long, this was perhaps the most difficult, going to Iwagakure was easy, it was mainly downhill, here, well this was all uphill, the wind would sometimes catch you at just the right angle, cold and bitter as it swept down from the mountain. It wasn’t easy, and his legs were sure getting a work out, like his arms, finally one could say he didn’t skip a leg workout. He wondered just how many people it took to make these pathways, then realized ninja could do it, they could always do it, with ninjutsu and such fancy things. Coming up to the small shop, he wondered if he should stay the night, perhaps it was best, he really didn’t know how far into the desert it would take. He bought some supplies, extra water, some rations, a small tent. He was most worried about being caught in a sand storm, people seemed to say they were vicious out there, speaking as if they were a demon made of dust. He would rest, found a small inn, cheap, slept on a straw bed. His head filled with images of his day, and thinking about those ninja, playing gods by changing the landscape, as if it always belonged there.

Kouzai sure wondered how long it would be before he could stop worrying about the next penny. He would leave early in the morning, and head out. The desert would be an experience and adventure all in its own. Something about it just sung to him, a vast ocean of sand, wind and of course those pesky Sunagakure’s, who were so stingy when they checked his wares. Stingy wasn’t even the best word, they wanted to be 1 thing, and get 3 for free, or mend one object and get another for free. It would be an adventure of a life time, visiting the great sand citidal.


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