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~Bump in the night~

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~Bump in the night~

Post by Kouzai on Thu Jul 09, 2015 11:07 pm

Name: Catch That Thief
Rank: D-Rank
Issuer: Store Owner in Your Village
Description: Earlier today, a thief decided to rob a local store in your village, and has long since left the scene of the crime, but hasn’t gotten far.
Objectives: Track the thief(NPC) and capture them without killing them, and bring them to your Village’s prison facility.

1 Topic in your village
1 Defeat and Capture the Robber(NPC)
500 accumulative Words

Reward: 370 Ryo

The clang of metal on metal rang through the night air, as Kouzai was slowly pounding on and on on his anvil. It was hard, being out in in foreign lands, desperate to make ends meet. Long nights, and cool mornings make it extremely difficult. He wasn't crafting anything in particular, just making sure his tools were as straight as possible. It helped him relax and get a good night sleep. His eye's grew a bit heavy and he stepped back, leaving down on the warm bench, warmed from the last lingers of the furnace. His breath grew slower, he started nodding off, it must have been around 11 pm, as the sounds of the city had all but faded. At first the neighbors complained about his clanging and banging around at night. They had eventually grown used to it, and some even complimented him and said it helped them fall asleep. It must have been roughly 1 am when the last embers were dying out, with a sudden clash. It sounded exactly like metal pipes and pieces falling to the floor from his shelf. With a sudden jump, Kouzai reached for a sword that wasn't by his side. He never had his swords by his side when he was working the forge. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw what appeared to be someone no older than him, snatch something from the middle shelf, tanto's and butcher knives, also bolts and some left over scrapes. Fumbling, still half asleep, Kouzai nearly tripped over his apron, he was using it as a blanket. Grabbing his trusty weapons, he fumbled once again, kicking the apron to the side.

The little thief, noticing at the weary shop-keep was up and at-um, started to move out from the shelves and did a small dance around the anvil. Kouzai, coming up to the anvil, also did that little dance, trying to keep the theif in the shop. "Hey, what are you doing. Get the heck out of here. AND PUT THAT BACK" Kouzai wasn't really thinking clearly, this was the first time he's ever been robbed. The thief took off down the street, Kouzai barely made it out of the shop, before the boy was half way down the street. "WHY YOU LITTLE BASTARD", he yelled, taking off after him. It wasn't so much being robbed, but that little prick was so dam fast.

Kouzai wasn't going to let this punk beat him, Kouzai was out in a flash, his sort sword like lightning as he was in stride with the thief, slashing out at that stupid punk. Catching both the thief off guard, cutting the cloak around their face, as he slashed away at it. Tumbling backwards, the thief's cloak feel, and it was a that of a woman. Her hair was light brown, her eyes piercing green, as she had a darker features. Kouzai was stunned for a moment, he wasn't expecting to catch like he did, and was even more surprised too see a girl his age, quite a looker as well. Sensing his hesitation, her leg swiped out, and Kouzai landed with a thud.

Taking off running again, Kouzai shock quickly wore off, as the thief was ahead of him. Whipping out his scabbard, he caught her legs as she tripped and fell. The small tanto went spiraling into the ground ahead of her. Kouzai was up and snatched it up, as the girl bit the dust. He could hear the guards huffing towards him, yelling stop, thief, hold it right there, it was all mainly just for show. Grabbing the girl up, she looked at Kouzai, her eyes wide and almost tearful. Kouzai just stared at her, as they took her away. A large man came over to check on Kouzai, muttering about no good foreigners, causing all sorts of ruckus in the wee hours.


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