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Snake Charms and Other Slippery Sources of Power

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Snake Charms and Other Slippery Sources of Power

Post by Kagayaku on Thu Jul 09, 2015 9:05 am

Name: Venom
Main Type: Hand Sign
-Sub-Type(s): N/A
Description: Both arms crossed at the wrist, hands pointing away from one another, tips of each finger tucked to the top of the palm, thumb resting underneath the knuckles
Uses: Often used for Kagayaku's unique jutsu. It was designed by her so that she could use her jutsu without having to remove her snake sock puppets

Name: Twin Cobra: Fanged Strike
Rank: B
Main Type: Ninjutsu
-Sub-Type(s): Fighting Style
Chakra Nature: N/A
Hand Signs: Venom
Description: The user's hands become two large, poisonous snakes to be used for close range combat. They can be used at a range, however it takes a while for them to return to the user for close combat practicality.
Drawbacks/Weaknesses: Your hands become snakes, so.... you have no hands....

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