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Post by Big John on Wed Jul 08, 2015 9:31 pm

Village/Association: Kumo
Clan Description: The clan itself is known to be extremely tall, often facing ridicule for it. The looks are not very often known much beyond that, as they tend to vary. There's very few similarities often as the looks retain mostly to the height of the person. However, the males tend to have more square jaws while the females don't.
History: The clan of Joan has been seen off and on in Kumo history, and has always been there. First seen in it's founder, known imfamously as Sern the Giant, they've been noticed and often bullied. There's nothing really special in this clans history. It's just been there.
Special Affiliations: Kumo
Clan Symbol: A tree.
Elemental Affinity: N/A
Secret Techniques/Jutsu:

John Joan.

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