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Post by Go-go on Wed Jul 08, 2015 4:47 pm

Mama Go-go found herself in the company of a few medical Shinobi, those who were quite keen on improving upon her talents as a Shinobi and a medical ninja. Mama took her profession as a medical ninja quite seriously, and so decided to at least dedicate some time to her training. It was of vital importance to the village that they had themselves a few Shinobi whom specialized in the field of a medic. A medic was always important, and quite frankly it was best if a medic was deployed as part of a team. Mama knew from a young age that she wanted to become a medical Shinobi. It was also part of her DNA to care for others, and to give onto them when they had nothing. That is probably why they took an early liking to her. And who was they? Well they are the many men and women who are also professionals in their own right. In terms of skill, while she was talented, they are at the moment leagues above her. And quite frankly Go-go wanted to be better than they are at this moment in time.

Mama was rather diligent in her efforts to learn and become all that she can be. There she was now in the infirmary of the Hidden Village in the Mist. A place where she could practice on test subjects both alive and departed. This way she could test her skills under pressure and also in a calm environment. Mama did not mind the latter at all, since as long as she learned something she did not care. Mama Go-go found herself sitting in front of a lifeless body. A man who had passed away a few hours ago. And they needed to carry out an autopsy of the poor soul, a way of deciphering how the man had passed away. That was also of grave importance to the girl and to the medical centre. If they can find out, then maybe they can help to prevent such things. It was reported that the man apparently died of natural causes. But one does not simply keel over and die, and it gets chalked up to being a natural occurrence. Mama Go-go was also scrubbed up and prepped for the autopsy. But she was required to use tools made from Chakra. And not tools made from metal and other such precious commodities.

Go-go had her eyes on her master as the man began to demonstrate to her the finer points of creating the Chakra scalpel. Her sensei in this case gathered Chakra to his hands, while carefully manipulating its shape. The Chakra soon began to harden and sharpen itself into the desired shape. It was quite amazing when one thought about the different things that you could do with Chakra. Creating Jutsus to cause harm was perhaps easier than it was to restrain or to even save a life. Chakra transformed into positive energy was always something to be amazed about. The young Kunoichi was instructed to do as her sensei did, and so she followed his orders obediently.

The man was more than happy to coach her through the whole thing, but it wasn’t a massive deal for her at all. Training was fun and Mama Go-go of the Inuzuka clan sure loved the idea of learning and developing new Jutsus. She was somewhat obsessed with it all, and would aim to do all that was possible to succeed. Thinking back now, Mama Go-go seem to divide her time a lot these days. She had her moments when she would train exclusively with her Ninken companion. The ferocious Shiro, a giant of a wolf that was often her partner in crime. Go-go of course often looked at Shiro as an enigma, his stature always made for some amusing situations. As such the young Kunoichi doesn’t often take him out in public. But he needed to stretch his legs right? She will have to treat her Ninken by showing him out in town, or go for a run through the mountains. It was a sure way of building stamina, and to also discover new and interesting things. This often covered herbal plants and equally poisonous ones. In any case there she was, now channelling her Chakra as was required.

Go-go was always a woman of precision, not to mention she also has damn near perfect chakra control. This is why she will eventually become a most accomplished Shinobi. Mama Go-go stood over the body of the person she was there to practice on. The Chakra that was generated also formed into the scalpel, but she wasn’t quite done yet. The Kunoichi made sure to concentrate enough to ensure that the chakra was sharp enough to be able to be utilized in the way that she intended. There, she managed to do it, and so Go-go proceeded to cut into the body of the target. The correct place was cut into meanwhile her sensei looked on with a proud look on his face. He knew she was ready to take the next step and why not? The man smiled and soon asked if Go-go had been practicing that one technique that he had shown to her. And the Kunoichi replied with a positive nod of the head.

And so they got up and left the room, this time moving into another room with a person that was alive now. The man had been injured and this was the best time for Go-go to demonstrate to her sensei what she had learned. The girl soon gather Chakra to her hands, meanwhile manifesting a white orb of chakra. One which consisted of positive energy. Mama Go-go made sure that the orb was stable, before moving forward and applying it to the injured person. The wounds of the person soon started to heal, which made her sensei looked on with a proud look. A nod of the head and a positive smile from the man, spoke volumes. She knew she had accomplished something, and was most definitely someone who they needed to take serious.

1020 Words.

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