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Kinjutsu (Title requires 10 characters or more so blaaaaa)

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Kinjutsu (Title requires 10 characters or more so blaaaaa)

Post by Naruko on Mon Jul 06, 2015 7:07 pm

I have a concern regarding Forbidden Jutsu, and why they require Great Mastery to learn. Ignoring the fact that Naruto and Lee had Kinjutsu without even being close to "Great Mastery" since... you know.... main characters op, it makes little sense that Kinjutsu are any harder to learn than other jutsu of the same type. Kinjutsu aren't made forbidden because they're difficult to learn, they're made forbidden because they're dangerous or seriously twisted (The wiki states that the three normal reasons are: harmful to the user, defies laws of nature, or causes massive destruction i.e. annihilation of a village).

Based off the fact that the site considers kinjutsu nearly impossible to learn (takes Great Mastery), that logic is as follows: A shinobi develops a B rank ninjutsu that sacrifices one of his limbs to disable someone else's. He teaches it to his student, who only has Expert in Ninjutsu, because that's all he needs to learn it. The Kage sees this jutsu in use, and labels it forbidden, then possibly executes the shinobi that made it, because that's pretty freakin illegal. Suddenly, this jutsu is now a kinjutsu, and thus requires Great Mastery to learn, despite a genin with Expert Ninjutsu having learned it only days before.

I can easily understand how we don't want every god damned genin running around with Forbidden Jutsu, but there has got to be a better way than this, as it just makes too little sense. I have no real proposal on this, but I personally believe that kinjutsu should require some sort of special achievement or the like, rather than just requiring higher stats. As I said, Kinjutsu aren't difficult to learn, or even that complicated in some cases, they're just prohibited for various reasons.

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Re: Kinjutsu (Title requires 10 characters or more so blaaaaa)

Post by Kouzai on Mon Jul 06, 2015 7:15 pm

True, some aren't super complicated. But Lee also dedicated his entire life to one pursuit.

Main character's aside, most ninja have 1 or 2 at best. While I agree with the principal, at times it does seem like they are difficult to learn/master properly. I'd imagine in your example, the price for failing that jutsu is loss of more than just an arm, or 100% insanity. (Not the good kind, but more of the wear a leaf hat and believe it protects you from fire kind)

Its a good thought, I think perhaps we should reopen that for discussion.

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