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Market District

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Market District

Post by Tsuneo on Mon Jul 06, 2015 4:35 pm

Wrinkling his nose Tsuneo sniffed the air hungrily. The aromas of the village market wafted over into all nearby streets that were filled with street vendors plying their trades and skills, cooking, perfumes, spices all scented the atmosphere with their incredible smells. Wonderful looking noodles were flipped on the pan next to him, smoking and casting sparks on the hob as it crashed back onto the metal stall whilst the merchant threw a few handfuls of preprepared spices into the mix before stirring thoroughly once more. This glorious smell was Iwagakure. The more Tsuneo wandered down the street the more of the market he saw, brushing past dozens of people all attempting to find the best buys of the day, and some simply following their nose to the smell of a well deserved lunch. However Tsuneo was perhaps among the few in that busy street who was there for another reason: To find a thief. And perhaps get some lunch afterwards.

Following the eye witness reports Tsuneo turned a small corner in the district only a few blocks away from the actual incident. Apparently following the offender that short distance was too much for the shop owner and his assistants. Lazy bastards. Now I'm here picking up the pieces. Indeed he seemed to be doing just that. A large piece of bread lay scattered across the floor, trailing into smaller and smaller crumbs towards a ragged looking door that seemed to be on its last legs - or hinges. Tipping his hat slightly to direct the sunlight better off his emerald eyes Tsuneo crouched to inspect the bread closer. Yup, its a bit stale. Jeezus. Am I actually "following the breadcrumbs"? This is too good. This has gotta be a prank of some sorts. Rising slowly Tsuneo carefully regarded the area he was in.

Grey brown brick houses flanked him on either side reducing the angles of an attack, but also reduced chances of escape. The sun managed to peer into the alleyway just over the top of one of the houses, illuminating the doors on his left handside, also revealing a duo of long forgotten barrels that had gathered dust over the years. No doubt housing some sort of freaky mystery meat too... Tsuneo pondered, he was also fairly sure that he had not been followed. It was only when a loud burp echoed from one of the houses that Tsuneo instinctively reached for his knife, bending his knees ready to move at the slightest glimpse of a threat. It was also only when his mind face palmed itself and realised that if the target was burping they were obviously unaware and likely untrained.

With a sigh Tsuneo relaxed, he really could not be bothered with a fight right now - he couldn't be bothered with fighting full stop. He always preferred a nice chat over a cold pint when he could get his hands on one, there was nothing like it on a hot day. Hesitation out the window he approached the house and without knocking - which made him feel dirty - twisted the handle and casually strolled in as if he lived there too.

Alert brown eyes met his half hearted smile. A man, in his approximate forties, sat in a wooden chair at a table whereupon a magnificent feast had just been gorged on. The bastard's eaten the bloody prize! He was just hungry? At once the man frowned and pointed a weatherworn finger towards the door.

"Git' aat' my house!"

Tsuneo shrugged and smiled again, pointing with his gloved hand to the Iwagakure symbol on his beret as he responded politely.

"Sorry, no can do. Quentin Jones, I'm here to apprehend you for the robbery."

The man squinted hard at Tsuneo considering his next reply.

"What robbery?"

If Tsuneo had been drinking that cold refreshing pint in that moment he would have spat it all over himself.

"You... what. You're clearly-..." Tsuneo stopped himself mid sentence and doubled checked the table. 4 Stolen fish. 4 eaten fish. 1 loaf of bread with red ribbon. 1 empty plate with crumbs and red ribbon. 2 legs of lamb. 2 lamb leg bones. 6 apples. 6 apple cores. Is this guy okay? More to the point how the frellin' hell did he eat all that? Bah, thats not the point here. Right. Raising an eyebrow Tsuneo looked directly into Quentin's eyes as he purposefully advertised the movement of his hand towards the razor sharp knife, sliding it out with practiced precision.

"Look mate. You know you robbed the place, and likely it was cause the guy was an asshole and you were hungry-..."

"Damn right he was an asshole." Quentin interrupted, unabashed, Tsuneo continued on.

"But you committed a crime. And do you really want me to find more evidence? Because the last of the evidence is in your stomach that I'd have to cut out and bag up."

At those last words Quentin's presence seemed to shrink up, "Fine, fine, whatever I just needed to eat, calm down. Look around, I'm poor as hell kid."

Tsuneo wanted to upgrade the facepalm he felt coming on to a facetable. "You do know that Iwagakure caters for the poor, theres free food in the volunteer shelter." Silence was Quentin's solemn reply, "Besides you'll probably only get a few days inside if you plead hunger, even if it was due to your own stupidity..." Taking the man's wrists he binded them with wire as he led him away to the prison facility, talking happily with the man about his remarkable cookery techinques.


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