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Tsuchikage's Office

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Tsuchikage's Office

Post by Tsuneo on Mon Jul 06, 2015 8:51 am

With a loud yawn Tsuneo hopped up the steps in an almost eager manner. It had been a while since he'd decided to earn a few Ryo, and times were getting tough. The kitten he had gotten was demanding higher and higher quality meats such as Mew Mew's Finest Delights, and Mao Munchies For The REAL CAT. Tsuneo scoffed, as if there weren't any real cats in the world. Unless in a person's dreams, but then again, everything a person percieves in a dream is real. Bah, they put way too much thought into these bloody names anyways. Absentmindedly scratching his chin he suddenly realised that his whole life had begun to revolve around the intelligent fluffy terror he had acquired from the rescue shelter; here he was, a fully fledged shinobi thinking about cat food. He rolled his eyes. I'm such a damn push over when it comes to her. Looking about the corridor he found himself in he took in the environment. Oaken wooden flooring stretched out before him, specially treated with chakra to make it more pliable and warm on bare feet. Grey stone walls for the outside with large rectangular windows overlooking the vast village of Iwagakure, large spherical buildings dotted numerously below him as people as small as ants went about their busy lives.

It was then he stopped acting like this was the first time he'd been here before as a slight chuckle emerged from the Chuunin guard standing next to the mission board. Welp, first impressions are for wimps. His gormless expression creased into an awkward smile as he gave the older woman a wink and moved towards the cork board tattered over the years with hundreds of thousands of puncture marks. Tsuneo wondered just how long this board had been here for, glancing at the guard he wondered about her too. Likely the blonde haired woman had been in his very same position looking gormless as ever wandering about the offices looking for the mission postings, perhaps she didn't wear the tight cotton mask across her face and the flak jacket back when she was younger. Pretty blue eyes. How old was she? The question Tsuneo posed to himself was a dangerous one, and one he praised Lady Luck for that he didn't ask out loud.

Quickly he returned his gaze to the board, eyes trailing across the hand scribbled notes and notices until he found one that caught his eye. Holy shit. We have a zoo?! The mission asked of its taker to track down and capture a multitude of big animals. Very big fucking animals it should say jeezus. I'm not dragging a damn elephant back here fuck that. Blowing a lock of emerald hair off his face and back onto his brow, he gave the board another once over, this time locking onto another mission. Aha! 'Catch That Thief' The mission was so titled. He allowed himself a quick smile. At least the Kage has a penchant for the dramatic. Store robbery might have sufficed, but it just doesn't have the same sense of urgency. Heh.

"I'll take this one please."

Asked Tsuneo politely, manners were always necessary in the world, or so his mother told him. Nevertheless he appreciated the ideal, just as the guard seemed too.

"Of course." She replied, "Name?"

"Koyo. Tsuneo."

The woman nodded silently and pulled out a notepad from her black flak jacket and placed her finger gently upon it, alighting it with a blue flame inscribing with Fuuinjutsu his name no doubt. Tsuneo couldn't help but feel that a pen may have been quicker but shrugged away the feeling, he had things to do now. Annoyingly. I guess its back to work... With a small sigh and polite thank you to the guard he walked grudgingly towards the village gates as he read the mission details and the various interviews of witnesses of the robbery. At least tracking this thief was going to be easy - who the hell robs a store in broad daylight? What the hell was the village security doing- ah wait. They probably thought this would be the perfect training mission for their Genin. Yay me. Yay for the village allowing petty crimes to occur freely. Bastards. Bleh, what am I talking about? This is literally free money. Despite Tsuneo thinking all this he did not realise he was actually grumbling to himself the entire walk out of the office garnering a few quizzical looks and satirical laughs of agreement.


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The Morning After

Post by Kouzai on Fri Jul 10, 2015 7:59 am

Name: Gather Information For Your Village
Rank: D-Rank
Issuer: Village Kage
Description: The information about the locations in other Countries has become outdated. To remedy this, we need someone to go out and make an accumulation of information about these locations.
Objectives: Visit each Location of a neighboring Country. Observe, and submit what you learned to the Kage’s Desk.

1 Topic in every location of a neighboring Country (Except it’s Hidden Village; For obvious reasons)
At least 3 Posts of observation
At least 600 accumulative Words

Reward: 350 Ryo

The morning wasn't anything new to Kouzai, he was awoken with the subtle cough of a guard, and hauled down to the office of the village's Kage. Kouzai just wanted to grab something to munch on in the morning, but their persistence kept driving him forward. A few mutterings about foreign ruining this village, and taking what isn't his. He was roughly shoved forward, almost sprawling onto the floor of the office, as the doors closed behind him. The Kage wasn't in the office, instead was a secretary, or perhaps a third in line, it was a man, older, gruff but still full of himself. He barely looked at Kouzai.

"Been in Iwagakure for 3 months now, scrapping pennies together for mending pots and pans. No one wants your blades, Iwagakure makes the best in the world." He said, Kouzai just looking at him, he was angry, he had heard this speech before, by different officials, different members of the community, but he was trying his best. The man then continued, a little quieter.

"You bring with you trouble, trouble we don't want in this village. We don't have any laws forbidding you to stay, and we are not so brutish as to destroy what small hopes you have." He said, almost with a smile, as if he knew what he said was just a false ideology. On his desk, he pushed a piece of paper to the floor. It looked like something on the mission board, but this one was less official looking, and more like a court document. It read.

"All charges for disrupting the peace shall be dropped effective immediately, so long as the perpetrator relinquish all property save for his business items, and leave Iwagakure. Upon successful relocation to another village. Sunagakure a payment will be dispersed to compensate for business losses. Should perpetrator not relinquish property and remain in Iwagakure, full charges shall be brought"

The money listed was actually fairly large, more than Kouzai had paid for the spot, and more than he would most likely make for the remaining year. He crumpled the paper in his hand, his anger once again showing just a bit.

"So, I'm sure we have made our stance clear" The official said, a small coy smile upon his face. The door's opened, Kouzai understood, this was an offer he could not refuse at this point.

Being shoveled along, he left the office, back to his small shop, packing his tools into this bag, he left the remaining equipment there. A good number of people came by the shop, no doubt hearing the news so quickly. Kouzai sold the remaining of his wares, enough to cover travel expenses, more money than he had made in the last few months, through everything was discounted.

The day ended, he was escorted to the gates.


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