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Toyohisa - Wandering Black Smiths

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Toyohisa - Wandering Black Smiths

Post by Kouzai on Sun Jul 05, 2015 11:07 am

Village/Association:Land of Iron
Clan Description:Members of this clan are known for their adeptness in weaponry use. The use of their signature ability Steel Release became known throughout, with rumors of endurance as strong as steel and formidable close to mid range fighters. Members of this clan are also well versed in ninjutsu, and it wasn't uncommon back in the day for a Toyohisa to lead the vanguard of an army due to their extreme resilience to harm. Another attribute of the Toyohisa is that a lot of them study some sort of metal-craft. Some make weapons, and at one point the Toyohisa had quite a formidable forge themselves.

A surprising note is that a lot of Toyohisa have a very laid back and generous demeanor. It has always been said that a Toyohisa’'s sense of kindness was as impervious as his bloodline, to the point that a lot of Toyohisa have died in combat just to rescue others and protect the ones they love. Many Toyohisa are very respectful to those around them, and will give praise to those who earn it. They are known for loyalty and honor, and this is a core concept taught at a young age. This code of a warrior was followed to the point where traitors that had committed offenses against the clan or the village were personally executed by their own clan members. This concept is very dulled down now, but was an issue back then in the village.
The Toyohisa clan was no more than wandering nomads who traveled through the countries, and they made a living by selling exotic weapons and such. The group was rather small, with around 15 members. The leader of this group, Yuuji Toyohisai, Had originally used the gift of Steel Release to aid in the process of smithing, the steel helping shield against heat.

After wandering around for years, Yuuji lead his group to Land of Iron to trade wares. Yuuji promised the group that one day they could have land to call their own, and sought the perfect land to do so. The benefit of having the steel release was also the ability to fight against other shinobi. Yuuji and the others sought the land of Iron to call home, and so the village elders had agreed to give Yuuji and his family land in exchange for their service in protect the village. With the agreement made in what was known as the Anvil Concordant, Yuuji pronounced himself the first head of the Toyohisa clan, and had put forth the creation of the clan household outside the village. Ever since, the Toyohisa had grown and continued to serve Land of Iron.
Special Affiliations:Samurai
Clan Symbol:
Kekkei Genkai:Koton
Elemental Affinity:Earth Release
-Advanced Chakra Nature:
Toyohisa Kouzai

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Re: Toyohisa - Wandering Black Smiths

Post by Kazumi on Sun Jul 05, 2015 11:12 am


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