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Lita's Bunkatsu[Divide] [分割]

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Lita's Bunkatsu[Divide] [分割]

Post by Lita on Sat Jul 04, 2015 11:23 am

Name: Bunkatsu[Divide] [分割]
Rank: ~ For Staff to Decide
Type: Sword/Katana
Weapon Description:

Lita’s Blade is a Red tone with runic symbols along the side. Each of the Symbols were hand Pressed into the Glowing hot metal. To create a Word. ~ Divide~, this sword had been in Lita’s mothers family for years and was passed down for five generations. This blade is 24 inches long and has a narrow and upwards curve.  With a Sleek Black   scabbard.
Special Abilities: N/A

Derived Jutsu: Medical Chakra Channels.- this allows Lita to put forth Chakra into her blade and heal herself by holding the blade.
Materials Used:  The Blade is forged with High Carbon tamahagane(Steel) and Low Carbon tamahagane(Steel) with a Copper infusion,  the guard is made from a bone of some sort, and then Handle is Wrapped in a Soft leather intricately weaved for extra Grip

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Re: Lita's Bunkatsu[Divide] [分割]

Post by Kazumi on Sat Jul 04, 2015 11:55 am

Approved. be sure to register Medical Chakra Channels in the Jutsu section.

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