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Setsuna Clan

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Setsuna Clan

Post by Shuei Setsuna on Fri Jul 03, 2015 9:03 pm

Name: Setsuna
Village/Association: None.
Clan Description:
The Setsuna clan is often not recognized until the use of blood jutsu; if one could distinguish them. They are scarce or "rare" in terms of their numbers. They all carry only one common trait and that is the physical manifestation of their eyes being crimson when their abilities are active or in use. Each individual are their own person and come in many perspectives of life. Most of all there is no pure Setsuna as everyone are descendants from a long untraced family linage. *They do not sparkle.*

There is very little knowledge known about the clan. Those who would delve into learning their origins and whereabouts will have almost to no little clue who or where their lineage comes from. There are few tomes left scattered about the regions of the lands hidden deep from the world. Many of them tell a tale of siblings who began to drink the blood of animals after getting a liking taste to it. When the Goddess Tsukiyomi found of such atrocity she cursed them to never drink from the rivers of life found in their victims. They would never see the light of day nor experience a quench in their thirst. But the Goddess Amateratsu gave mercy and unbounded their curse after not seeing the siblings for quite sometime so that they may see the sun again. Through her blessing did the two find peace and never drank blood again. Or so the tale says.  

Special Affiliations: None.
Clan Symbol: None.

Kekkei Genkai: Ketsueki
Elemental Affinity: None.
-Advanced Chakra Nature: Blood Release (Ketsueki)

  • Shuei Setsuna

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Re: Setsuna Clan

Post by Go-go on Fri Jul 03, 2015 9:08 pm

A P P R O V E D.

Just don't sparkle.


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