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The Job List

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The Job List

Post by Go-go on Fri Jul 03, 2015 2:06 pm

Name: Farmer Raid
Rank: D-Rank
Issuer: Village Kage
Description: Lately an epidemic of Farmers in every Country have become hostile towards your Hidden Village. They are running around the Village vandalizing produce stores, and village monuments. These Farmers are but regular people however, and need to be treated carefully.
Objectives: Capture the Farmers(NPC), and bring them to the Kage’s Office for your Kage to deal with, unharmed.

Capture at least 10 Farmers
500 Total Words Req.

Reward: 300 Ryo

Go-go touched down in middle town as it's called by certain villagers. The woman had taken on a mission as requested by the Mizukage. And this mission entailed taking out the trash or dealing with some pesky farmers. A set of farmer who deemed it their prerogative to cause as much issue as they believe was their right. The young woman found herself positioned on a roof top, looking down on the gang. Go-go had a few options and ways in which to deal with the farmers. They are after all regular folk, and despite their trespasses against the establishments of the village. The Mizukage did request that they will be treated with a great deal of care. This meant that Go-go had to ensure that she didn't go overboard with the detainment of these men. Why is that men always saw fit to do as they so pleased with expecting any consequences? With her left hand resting on her hip, Go-go took on a womanly posture where she stood.

Her delicious crimson eyes looked on, meanwhile her index finger on her right hand rose and rested on her luscious lips. Her long beautiful hair swayed in the breeze that caressed her body. A soft sigh was released as Go-go shook her head. Oh why did she have to deal with pesky individuals like these? Men. They are often the bane of her existence, because they knew nothing what so ever. Her right hand soon moved from her lips as the woman walked forward. Go-go leaped from the roof top and landed in a side alley way. Go-go now had a plan that she decided to execute. The Mizukage didn't want these men hurt,and so instead of putting a beat down on them, the young woman decided to take another approach.

At present the farmers were busy drinking and having a jolly good old time among themselves. A few women were also present, the object of the men's affection. Standing in the alleyway, Go-go noticed a cart with a horse waiting by it. This most definitely belonged to one of the farmers, and so it gave Go-go an idea. Walking forward the young girl emerged from the alley way. A most seductive look expression was her mask. She walked with a wicked sway of her hips, enough to immediately cease all chatter among the farmers. Some were already drunk and off their faces.

"Hey boys". She announced in a most seductive tone to the farmers sat about currently drunk. "Would you boys like to take the party elsewhere? I have a few friends if you have money, know what I mean?". And of course the dirty and perverted bastards fell for it. This was far too easy for Go-go. And so they got up and followed after her. After reaching the alley way, the woman stopped and looked back at the group of men. Their numbers mounting up to thirteen, they came like moths to a flame.

Go-go stopped and looked back at them before instructing them to stop. "Just around this corner, all the women much more beautiful and more willing than I am awaits ya. Be good boys and move in an orderly manner now". Grinning with excitement the men swiftly moved around the corner where the cart was waiting. Go-go quickly hurried behind them, meanwhile gently using her Taijutsu ability to knock each and everyone of them out. The young woman then proceeded to pile each one up on the cart. Before riding off towards the Mizukage's office to deliver to bad apples.

"Sweet dreams boys". She said with a girlish giggle as she rode off with the cart dragging behind her.


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Re: The Job List

Post by Go-go on Fri Jul 03, 2015 2:09 pm

Name: Catch That Thief
Rank: D-Rank
Issuer: Store Owner in Your Village
Description: Earlier today, a thief decided to rob a local store in your village, and has long since left the scene of the crime, but hasn’t gotten far.
Objectives: Track the thief(NPC) and capture them without killing them, and bring them to your Village’s prison facility.

1 Topic in your village
1 Defeat and Capture the Robber(NPC)
500 accumulative Words

Reward: 370 Ryo

Go-go was in the vicinity after having delivered a few men to the Mizukage's office, men whom were far too drunk for her liking. The young woman felt like going shopping as a treat to herself. But it would appear that the work of the woman could never be done. There she was strolling along with a drink in her hand. When a person whom she'd never seen before ran pass her while knocking her drink out of her. Go-go watched the cup filled with beverage fall to the ground. It was most agonizing for Go-go since she was rather thirsty. "Men" she grumbled to herself, while her eyebrows twitched in anger. A metaphorical dark shadow was cast over her eyes just to sum up the mood she was in. This was by no means a good time to upset the woman. And oh what it foolish thing it may well turn out to be on the part of the unknown assailant.

"Stop that bastard! He's a thief". The store owner came charging down the street hoping to catch the fleeing criminal. "Someone help me. I have a reward for the man or woman who helps me to detain him. Hurry!". He squealed and luckily for him, Go-go now also had a vendetta against the man. Now watching the direction the felon was running in. Go-go predicted his next course of action and trajectory. Using this ability of hers to properly deduce what was transpiring before her eyes. Go-go leaped onto a roof top and decided to given chase after this unknown thieving bastard. Usually Go-go wouldn't show any interest in the individual, but she was most annoyed by the man. He owed her a drink. And unfortunately for him, the person he stole from was offering her a new drink in the way of a reward.

This was her opportunity to gain some cash, and to purchase a new drink. Speedily she moved, utilizing her abilities as a Shinobi in order to close the gap on the fleeing criminal. The woman had finally caught up to the thief. A well timed jump from the roof tops vaulted Go-go over and in the path of the fleeing man. She had managed to block his path, causing him to come to a stop. A frown showed her dislike and disapproval of the situation at hand. The thief was however determined to escape with his bounty. It did not matter to him that it was stolen. Go-go wasn't in the mood for a drawn out confrontation. But Mama wanted to teach the man a lesson. By this time the store owner had caught up to the two. He came to an abrupt stop, kicking up dust in his wake.

"My drink....you spilled my drink. Apologize and pay for a new one". Go-go's words trailed off, but she was very commanding and to the point. Sadly though, the thief could not even fathom what he had done wrong.

"Scatter you alley whore!!". The man screamed while charging forward to continue his escape.

"Whore? You called Mama a whore!?!?!". Go-go growled with anger before launching her left leg forward into the chest of the man. This was a stomp which planted the thieving bastard into the ground. Her left hand soon folded into a fist, which was then planted into the abdomen of the man. Saliva gushed from his mouth having felt the force of her punch. In truth she was going easy on the man. Under normal circumstances, she would have used her full strength, which may have been troublesome for him. The two strike take down was enough to subdue the man. And in doing so the store owner was able to retrieve what was stolen.

And as for Go-go the woman collected her reward and was on her way. She had better things to do these days.


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