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Toromaki Clan

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Toromaki Clan

Post by Ace on Thu Jul 02, 2015 8:24 pm

Name: Toromaki
Village/Association: Kirigakure (Minor branch family in Kumogakure)
Clan Description: The Toromakis are characterized by their silver hair and their no-nonsense attitude. They are a strict family bent on generating exceptional Shinobi and are known for disowning weak links. (This tends to cause the Toromaki clan to have a rather high output of Missing-Nin as well) It is normal for them to be violent and for them to resort to more cruel methods than necessary for almost all things. Contradictory to this habit, it is more common for the family to remain quiet and contemplative when dealing with matters that concern the head of the family and go above the concern of the mere individual. Members normally wear fine silk clothing, and are typically dressed in a fashion similar to nobles, despite most of them being Shinobi. The Toromaki clan is affiliated with the spider, and is known for its exceptional genjutsu.
History: The clan had originally started as a small farming community with the purpose of supplying food for Kirigakure, but after constantly being bullied and picked on by nobles from other nearby villages, the clan band together and, instead of hiring regular Shinobi to help them, they killed the nobles themselves. These nobles were major exporters of silk, and as such they even had raw clumps of the stringy stuff around their homes due to the excess. As a symbol that they would never be stepped on again, they adorned this silk like a hunter adorning the hide of his prey, and took the reigns of the silk industry in the Land of Water. Eventually they became so invested in the material that they learned to produce silk themselves by utilizing their Chakra. Once they'd discovered this, the Toromaki clan decided that they would start producing capable Shinobi just as much as they did quality silk. Their obsession with silk didn't stop with just the material itself, however. The clan saw their abilities as a gift from the beings that created the silk itself, and began to worship spiders. Some members were disgusted by this, and moved to Kumogakure.
Special Affiliations: None
Clan Symbol: A spider in its web
Kekkei Genkai: Silk Release
Elemental Affinity: Water
-Advanced Chakra Nature: Silk Release
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Re: Toromaki Clan

Post by Kazumi on Thu Jul 02, 2015 8:48 pm


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