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Catch the thief! ( D rank Mission)

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Catch the thief! ( D rank Mission)

Post by Noro on Wed Jul 01, 2015 11:08 pm

Noro looked at the mission he had for a moment, and started to move it to his own little tune that he hummed. He felt his blade, in its sheath, bounce at his hip and the knife in his boot stay completely still. Shortly after, he arrived to what would seem to be the shop. He decided to look around and asked the shop-keeper if there were any tells of whom stole the thing in question. He was told about a scar that happened to be upon the mans head, so he nodded and moved away. He scanned the crowd, which was fairly easy with how tall he was. He looked for about ten or so minutes before spotting a scar that looked like the one, and a very nervous man to go with it.

"What are you doing?"

The thief turned to see the tall man standing, and quickly thought up something.

"Uhm, I'm taking this to my mother."

Noro laughed and grabbed the mans wrist, knowing this was the man. He then pushed the man down and then sat next to him, and decided to explain something to this man.

"Why did you push me?"

A fair question to ask, Noro figured, but Noro merely explained that he could easily deduct that he was the thief from earlier today. It was basic deduction, even a simpleton like him could do it. The thief scrambled up and started to run, to which Noro followed and stated, "Don't run! I don't want to hurt you. If I must, I should warn ye. I could probably cut you in half...right now." He then jumped forward, avoiding any Civilians, and tackled the man, before going in his own boot and grabbing his knife and stabbing the man in the thigh.

"See. This is what happens when you don't go peacefully. You get stabbed and now I have to carry your arse to jail." He picked up the, now bleeding, thief and started walking, humming as he did. He wasn't exactly loving of the crowd, but he had his mission. He, not disliked per-say, to do these missions, as they involved crowds, but they did provide money. A lot of it more often then not.

He soon came upon the jail, in which he spoke, at length, with the guard and got the thief in. This poor guy probably didn't know that Noro was who he was, but it was the theifs fault it happened. He stole first. It wasn't that he felt bad, no, he just wanted to lay down and think and play Go some more. It's just that he needed money, really. Not that being a ninja was bad. Being a ninja was fun; usually. Even training, as little as he did, was extremely fun due to his humming that he often did. You'd be amazed how good one can do with their own harmony... and beat. The beat helped the most. Ironic really.


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