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Hello Cataclysm!

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Hello Cataclysm!

Post by Hyuuga Haou on Sat Jun 27, 2015 2:23 pm

Heya! I'm Haou! I found this place via ad surfing on Naruto roleplay sites! I decided to take a look and liked the skin and the systems so I decided to join! <3 I'm figuring this site is re-opening seeing as it apparently had 30 members before I joined and plus there are time stamps dating back to 2011. ouo;;

Anyways! I tried out for staff since I see you guys could use some help! (Though I'm probably not gonna be super helpful despite my good intentions >>) I'm also making a Hyuuga! I have a few questions though! Can canon clans be from villages outside of their canon village?

Ie; Uchiha and Hyuuga in Konoha? Can my Hyuuga be from let's say- Soragakure? Lastly where can I find information of Soragakure? I'm curious about this village! Thanks! And I really hope this site gets off the ground! There's a disturbing lack of active Naruto roleplays!

~ Haou Hyuuga :3
Hyuuga Haou

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