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Invasion/Warfare Rules

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Invasion/Warfare Rules Empty Invasion/Warfare Rules

Post by Admin on Sat Jun 07, 2014 11:08 am

Invasion & Warfare Rules

Overview: Invasion and warfare on NC is a process which occurs in several stages. Depending on which belligerent party invokes the conflict the rules of engagement are defined.

How to start a War

To start a war there are several requirements that must be met before attacking a foreign land, and those are as follows;

  • A Conflict: A belligerent action must take place to initiate the war. (Example: An organization of neutral shinobi attack Konoha’s Fire Temple or the village itself. Example #2: Orochimaru’s invasion of Konohagakure.)
  • A Death: The death of anyone Jounin rank or above instantly dictates war. If two or more of any rank below Jounin are killed this also dictates war.
  • A Kidnapping: If Chuunin or higher Shinobi is kidnapped, and the origin village of the individual has IC knowledge of this, war is justified.
  • Information: Information is sometimes more valuable than anything. Given the right circumstances war may be initiated to blackmail another country for information or Hiden and the like. Wars started for information purposes must be approved by 2 admins.
  • Espionage: In the Naruto Universe it is possible to manipulate individuals via powerful techniques to control their actions. If a Kage level shinobi falls victim to one of these techniques they can be manipulated to start war with other country or organization.
  • Tailed Beasts: For the sake of power wars may also be fought for Tailed Beasts. A savvy shinobi has the ability to expertly infiltrate and steal another country’s tailed beast. Such an action, with the correct IC knowledge, is clearly grounds for war.

How to start an Invasion

Only after the requirements are met to wage war can a Hidden village initiate an attack on another village. Major organizations, so long as their goals coincide with their actions, can invade another country at any time after giving prior notice to at least 2 admins.

The Invading Process

After war has been declared by the Major Village or Organization leader, and the appropriate staff notification has been given the staff has the responsibility of coordinating the invasion for both sides. The first country to enter the gates of another has priority of attack but lose home field advantage. The admin monitoring the invasion will follow these steps;

  • Topic creation: The staff member will create a topic where pairs of enemy combatants (2-3) max will battle each other tournament style. The match ups will be decided intuitively by those who choose to engage each other in combat. If there is an odd number of foes some may have to battle 2 vs 1 so keep this in mind upon invasion. (2 vs 1 battles are extremely difficult battles as their 48hr limit doubles to 96hrs with 2 enemies) Those of equal rank/update length will be matched together to make this as fair as possible.
  • Battle Climax: Once all combatants have finished their fights in accordance with combat rules, whichever organization or hidden village that has the most matchups won will gain control of the village. If an opposing Kage defeats the Kage of the home village or vise-versa it will count as 2 match up wins toward the overall invasion.
  • Spoils of War: After successfully winning an invasion, the invading party will be compensated accordingly. All money the village has is transferred to the winning party’s village. If they were not killed or captured all enemy shinobi are ejected from the village. Travel between the two countries is reduced by -10hrs including traveling through the minor nations to reach the other country only. The invading party each gain 3000 Ryo.
  • Defeating Major Organizations: Defending an attack from a Major organization, which has no inherent village, yields the winner 5000 Ryo for their village to spend and 1000 Ryo for every Shinobi in the defending party.
  • Defeating a Hidden Village: If a Major organization defeats a Hidden village, the Major Organization takes possession of the village as their own. From there the Major organization may dictate what happens to the shinobi that dwell there. (IE: You could invade Konoha and make it a Nazi anti-Konoha concentration camp village of death : ). You also gain the ability to purchase the village’s Hiden and village-only techniques.

Distance Warfare Process

Not all fighting in a war is conducted at the village gates of the respective countries. When the shinobi of warring states meet beyond the village gates they are also taken into account. If a shinobi from either belligerent party is killed or captured during a state of war by the opposing side, their loss will count as a win toward any future invasions. Preemptive attacks and ambushes could weigh heavily on the success of an oncoming invasion. (Keep this in mind!) Winners also gain a bonus of 300 NP if they defeat a warring country’s shinobi.

Espionage Warfare

Infiltration and disguises are tools shinobi use to gain tactical advantage for attack, defense, or supplementary purposes such as teleporting/excavating shinobi pass the village gates. Another example would be disguising an enemy force behind Genjutsu or Hiding with Camouflage for sneak attacks. If anything like this occurs it is up to the defending party to give notice to these types of influence. If a shinobi using these tactics are discovered they are automatically returned to the village gates to face their match up. They are most likely to face whichever enemy discovered them.

The Do’s and Don’ts

  • Updates are frozen for the attacking or invading party upon the declaration of war.
  • Updates are frozen for the defending party once the attacking party has posted at the village gates.
  • Once all members of the attacking, and defending party have arrived at the village gates wait for an admin to present the matchups.
  • Techniques with Area of Effect capability which target’s multiple targets from different topics must be notified via PM that they are being attacked at the time of the creation of the post. To verify that you sent this PM a screenshot of the completed sent message must be present upon the deciding of the battle. The 48hrs rule applies to these types of attacks as well, and must be logically possible of hitting the enemy from the current topic to theirs.
  • Village destroying techniques are allowed and if they span multiple topics follow the rule above. Each individual must defend the attack or could sustain injury or death. Any attack of this level must be S-Rank Kinjutsu.
  • Damage sustained during warfare and invasion to the village itself will cost the village 5000 Ryo for reparations. This includes the village gates if they are destroyed.
  • If the village gates are destroyed anyone may freely enter other parts of the village! (Keep this in mind.)
  • Village wide barrier and defensive techniques must be destroyed or bypassed before an invasion can adequately take place.
  • Tailed Beasts used in an invasion can swiftly turn the tide of any war, and their attacks are generally village destroying techniques.


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